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Take a look at some new products!

Desktop Vacuum Press VP3030 Mini


Our new VP3030 Mini 3D Vac-U-Press is a portable vacuum pressure heat press that wraps dye-sublimation transfer paper around complex shapes and permanently fuses any decoration onto sublimation coated or sublimation-friendly substrates.

Beer Stein with Aluminum Lid

Great news! Aluminum lids can be installed on our German Beer Steins! These lids are made of high quality Aluminum, durable and light weight. 

Sublimation Coated Fine Enamel Cup 10oz

What truly distinguishes this 10oz enamel steel mug is the silver curved rim. No enamel is covered on this rim, which will protect your mouth from injury by the broken enamel. The most fashionable color and the user-friendly principle comes from Photo USA!

Acrylic Photo Frames

786060/ 786061/ 786062/ 786063/ 786064

New Acrylic Photo Frames are coming! Amazing sublimation results will never let you down.

Acrylic Ornaments

786080/ 786081/ 786082/ 786083/ 786084/ 786085/ 786086/ 786087/ 786088/ 786089

Sharing the same material supplier with Unisub, high quality and great sublimation results are guaranteed for these new Acrylic Ornaments.

17fl oz Personalised Travel Mug (Plastic Insert and Metal Shell, Reverse Screw)

Go for a trip with the one you care and the mug you love! Personalised Travel Mug, the best Orca Coating allows you to design your own style. With our suitable mug press, you'll be able to print any images on it!

Sublimation Parent-child Backpack

As Parent-child backpacks are more and more popular nowadays, Photo USA develops this kind of sublimation Parent-child backpack.

360° Rotating Case for iPad2/3/4

A great gift for those iPad fans! A sublimation 360°rotating case for iPad! Watching movies, reading a book or even writing an email, this case can offer you the most suitable angle!

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