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  • The brand Orca
    The brand “Orca”
  • The brand Orca
    11oz Inner-Color Container (pen holder/flower pot)
  • Sublimation Bath Towel
    Sublimation Bath Towel
  • Storage Stool For Kids
    Storage Stool For Kids
    Car Mat - Front&Rear
  • Photo Canvas Prints
    Photo Canvas Prints
  • Stainless steel bottle opener
    Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Sublimation Ceramic Vase
    Sublimation Ceramic Vase
  • Sublimation 3D iPhone6 Case
    Sublimation 3D iPhone6 Case
  • Arc Multi-function mug press
    Arc Multi-function mug press
  • Sublimation Backpack Bag
    Sublimation Backpack Bag
  • Sublimation Laptop Bag
    Sublimation Laptop Bag
  • Sublimation Door Hanger
    Sublimation Door Hanger
  • Sublimation Coaster
    Sublimation Coaster
  • Sublimation Glass Cutting Board
    Sublimation Glass Cutting Board
  • Toughened Glass Frame
    Toughened Glass Frame
  • Toughened Glass Frame
    Glass Bottles
  • Sublimation KeyRings
  • 3D Phone Cover with Card Neck
    3D Phone Cover
  • Sewing Pillow Case Cloth
with Zipper 14”/16”/18”
    Sewing Pillow Case Cloth with Zipper 14”/16”/18”
You are here: Home SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS DIGITAL DEVICES Samsung Series Cases

Samsung Series Cases

Samsung GalaxyS7/S7 edge Cover

Big news for Samsung Fans! Samsung S7 and S7 Edge covers are coming! There are 3D cover, soft and hard cover with metal insert and folded leather cover!

Samsung P3100 Cover/ Black


1. A high quality cover that perfectly fits on the P3100.
2. Protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab P3100 from scratches and damages.

Samsung S3 Cover/ Metal Insert

722840 / 722850 / 722860 / 722870 / 722880

1. Colorful cover with separate metal insert.
2. Full color images can be imprinted on the surface.
3. High quality polymer material make it popular among Galaxy Series fans.

Galaxy S4 Hard Bumper w/ Metal Insert-Black


1. High quality material.
2. Perfect fit for Galaxy S4.
3. Provide protection from any scratches or damges for your phone.

3D Galaxy S4 Case w/Card Neck

733411 / 733412 / 733413 / 733414 / 733415 / 733416

1. High quality colorful polymer material, non-toxic.
2. Regular card slot is perfect for any bank cards, ID cards or bus cards.
3. Smooth surface is ready for any sublimation images, personalized and grace.

3D Samsung GALAXY Note 3

Packing: 240pcs/Carton
Dimension: 440*360*330mm
Weight: 9.2kg
Finish Type: Forsted,Glossy

Samsung i9100 Galaxy SII Cover

722120 / 722110

The Samsung Galaxy i9100 Galaxy S II sublimation covers gives you unlimited create options for your phone! 

Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus Cover

722320 / 722310

Photo USA carries quality mobile device covers including this Samsung i9250 Galaxy Nexus cover. 

3D Samsung Galaxy S3 Polymer Cover - Glossy or Matte

The new polymer sublimation Galaxy S3 Case features full-color decoration on the back, sides, and edges! 

You are here: Home SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS DIGITAL DEVICES Samsung Series Cases