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Pillow Gift Box

Pillow gift boxes for small presents! Puzzles, candies, T-shirts...creat your own designed gift box, how nice the present will be! Each inch can be imprinted with beautiful images. Shining and wonderful colors will catch your eyes immediately! let's try one now!

Passport Holder


Personalized passport holder will add more fun to your trip.  High quality PU with a large polyester area for sublimation printing, this passport holder will definitely catch people’s eyes!

Customized Keys Bag


Have you found it really annoying to have you cell phone or some other objects scratched by keys? I bet you have! Now, with this key bag, That’ll never happen again! Just put your keys with your phone together, and count on it! They can’t do anything bad to you phone screen anymore!

Cell Phone Bag


How sweet this cell phone bag is! No pockets to put your phone in? Hey, here is a phone bag! You know what the most thoughtful thing is? It has a small pocket on it to keep your changes or keys! And, of course, any imags can be printed on the front face!

MFD Name Badge

One reason that people always “forget to wear the Name Badge” is “it’ll hurt my shirt with its pin”! The good news is Photo USA has finally found a way to change this! A MDF Name Badge with magnet!