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Personal Dress Up Accessories

Metal Badge

851361 / 851362 / 851363 / 851364 / 851365 / 851366 / 851367 / 851368 / 851369 / 851370

This series of sublimation metal badges is very popular on the sublimation market. They are available in different shape, perfect to meet the requirement of various kinds of events.


851401 / 851402 / 851403 / 851404

Bookmarks are the most useful object when you plan to read a book. Slip these small bookmarks between the pages of your book and you’re sure to keep your place!


851391 / 851392 / 851393 / 851394

Cufflinks could be the second important ornament to a gentleman besides the watch. Elegant finish with some fashionable element would give your formal wear a personal touch. Several shapes are available. Best gift choice for a man! If you want personalized ties, you’ll find some here: sublimation ties


851301 / 851302 / 851303 / 851304

This set of personalized earrings calls to the classics with elegant yet simple design. They meant to show all the expressive, creative and inspirational personalities!


851371 / 851372

High quality material makes these key-rings so durable. They could be a great option to take your photos along with you all the time.



Made of zinc alloy, these sublimation rings are very ornamental. Adjustable ring circles can fit on anyone’s fingers.



851381 / 851382

Simple design with a sublimation insert. Silver is super joker color to match any occasions and clothes. The size of the bracelet is adjustable, which makes it so flexible and convenient. The sublimation insert could be a great highlight.


These beautifully crafted necklaces radiate edgy vintage style, which managed to combine elegance with fashion. Easily goes with sweaters or leisure series shirt.

You are here: Home SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS HOME SUPPLIES Personal Dress Up Accessories