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  • The brand Orca
    The brand “Orca”
  • The brand Orca
    11oz Inner-Color Container (pen holder/flower pot)
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    Sublimation Bath Towel
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    Storage Stool For Kids
    Car Mat - Front&Rear
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  • Toughened Glass Frame
    Glass Bottles
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  • 3D Phone Cover with Card Neck
    3D Phone Cover
  • Sewing Pillow Case Cloth
with Zipper 14”/16”/18”
    Sewing Pillow Case Cloth with Zipper 14”/16”/18”
You are here: Home SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS DRINKWARE White Coated Mug

White Coated Mug

White Coated Mug

White coated  mugs are the most popular and classic ones for sublimation mugs. White body is perfect for photo printing. A level mugs with your personalised image, that would be the most wonderful photo mug on your desk!

[ Featured ] 11 oz. Ceramic Mug III


This classic 11 oz. white mug has always been a flagship product for Photo USA and is one of the best selling products in the sublimation industry.  

1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot - Two-Tone Black

This high quality ceramic shot glass features a unique black two-tone color inside the glass. 

2.5 oz. Ceramic Mini Mug


Our 2.5 oz. ceramic mini mug is the gift choice of kids and adults alike. Typically found in college bookstores, fine greeting card stores, and destination gift outlets

1.5 oz. Ceramic Shot


Our 1.5 oz. ceramic shot glass is our most popular dye-sublimation substrate for the promotional product and advertising industry.

11 oz. Theme Mug

Wow, this theme mug will definitely become a big hit on the market! With different theme pictures inside the mug, it's more easy to custom special gifts according to special days! There are four themes for now: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Thank You and Love! Of course, you can still transfer images on the surface of these theme mugs!

8 oz. Ceramic Camper Mug

You think this is an enamel cup? Actually, it's made of ceramic! This ceramic camper cup is so hot on the sublimation market now. It could be the best thing to start a day with a cup of morning coffee! Besides, you can design a unique coffee mug with you own picture!

12 oz. Eco Mug Traveler


Great for any occassions. The best Orca coating for sublimaiton. No fading is promised.

10 Eco Mug


Great for any occassions. The best Orca coating for sublimaiton. No fading is promised.

Sublimation Coated Fine Enamel Cup

What truly distinguishes this photo mug is the enamel coat. Very fantastic idea to combine the sublimation skills and enamel cup together. The most fashionable color and the user-friendly principle comes from Photo USA!

6 oz. Coated Photo Mug


6 oz. mini photo mug is always the hot product on the market.Without the saucer and spoon, this mug seems to be more simple.

9 oz. Sparta mug


These classic photo mugs are always the best choice for any occasions. 

4 oz. Coffee Mug w/ Saucer and Spoon


This is the most classic coffee mug on the market. One of our best sellers among all the photo mugs. Suitable for all coffee bar or home with a plate and a coffee spoon.

17 oz. Latte Mug


Our 17oz latte mug is stylish and ready for decoration and is essential for daily use and beautiful enough for any occasion.

Photo Mug Set with Metal Stacking Frame

208022/ 208042

Our stackable photo mug sets are perfect for any destination themed promotion, special occasion gift, or award presentation.

11 oz. White Lover's Mug with Heart Handles


These heart-handled mugs are paired up to show off your images in a unique way. 

14 oz. Statesman Ceramic Mug


The 14 oz. Statesman ceramic mug fills a tall order in an elegant way. Tall and slender with a comfortable handle, the Statesman accepts a full top-to-bottom, full color sublimation imprint.

6 oz. White C-Handle Ceramic Mugs

If you are a coffee lover then this is the mug for you!  Put your espresso, coffee, or tea in this trendy 6oz mug.

You are here: Home SUBLIMATION PRODUCTS DRINKWARE White Coated Mug