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  • The brand Orca
    The brand “Orca”
  • The brand Orca
    11oz Inner-Color Container (pen holder/flower pot)
  • Sublimation Bath Towel
    Sublimation Bath Towel
  • Storage Stool For Kids
    Storage Stool For Kids
    Car Mat - Front&Rear
  • Photo Canvas Prints
    Photo Canvas Prints
  • Stainless steel bottle opener
    Stainless steel bottle opener
  • Sublimation Ceramic Vase
    Sublimation Ceramic Vase
  • Sublimation 3D iPhone6 Case
    Sublimation 3D iPhone6 Case
  • Arc Multi-function mug press
    Arc Multi-function mug press
  • Sublimation Backpack Bag
    Sublimation Backpack Bag
  • Sublimation Laptop Bag
    Sublimation Laptop Bag
  • Sublimation Door Hanger
    Sublimation Door Hanger
  • Sublimation Coaster
    Sublimation Coaster
  • Sublimation Glass Cutting Board
    Sublimation Glass Cutting Board
  • Toughened Glass Frame
    Toughened Glass Frame
  • Toughened Glass Frame
    Glass Bottles
  • Sublimation KeyRings
  • 3D Phone Cover with Card Neck
    3D Phone Cover
  • Sewing Pillow Case Cloth
with Zipper 14”/16”/18”
    Sewing Pillow Case Cloth with Zipper 14”/16”/18”


Cell Phone Bag


How sweet this cell phone bag is! No pockets to put your phone in? Hey, here is a phone bag! You know what the most thoughtful thing is? It has a small pocket on it to keep your changes or keys! And, of course, any imags can be printed on the front face!

Insulated Lunch Bag Expandable

Here comes an expandable lunch bag! Separated inserts for ice bag keeping, strong insulated material, and with an adjustable long shoulder strap, it offers you three ways of carrying. Like all our products, you'll have a large blank space for sublimaiton transfer printing. What else do you want for a lunch bag?

City Bag

913441 / 913442 / 913443

Just pull the string to tighten the bag and be on your way! This portable mini city bag will free your shoulders so much!

Neck Pouch for Kids

913241 / 913242

This little bag is specially designed for school kids to keep their school ID cards, some coins or other things they want to keep around. Blue and pink to choose from!

Children's Rucksack, Green/Red

913431 / 913432

Suitable bag capacity is enough to keep children's little stuffs in. Personalized style will make other children so jealous!

Sublimation Gym Bag

914266 / 914267 / 914268 / 914269 / 914257

Made of 100% Polyester, this portable drawstring Gym Bag is perfect for promotional events. With a large surface area to apply subliamiton artwork. Two sizes in four colors to choose from now!

Stationery Bag / Cosmetic Bag


It could be a stationery bag, or you can use it as a cosmetic bag! Large capacity is enough for your cosmetics or any stationery. Want to show your personality? Just start to design a unique picture now!

School Trolley Bag

Don’t let books become a burden to our school kids. It’s a great chance to free your children’s shoulder! Check out this appealing school trolley bag! With no burden on their shoulders, they’ll love going to school from today!

Insulated Lunch Bag

Planning for taking a picnic with your family? Worried about messing up your elaborate food? This personalised insulated lunch bag would helps a lot!

Personalised Lady Purse

913233/ 913234

A soft PU lady purse! Personalised flaps offer you a great place to show personality. Portable size and light weight would be the new favourite in this Summer!

Sublimation Parent-child Backpack

As Parent-child backpacks are more and more popular nowadays, Photo USA develops this kind of sublimation Parent-child backpack.

Sublimation Laptop Bag

This new sublimation laptop bag would bring you a brand new life style!  High quality Neoprene, soft and light.

Kids School Backpack-Blue

- Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.
- Additional flap printed with unique sublimation images from your own design.

Youth Backpack

- Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.
- Additional flap printed with unique sublimation images from your own design.

Kids School Backpack-Red

- Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.
- Additional flap printed with unique sublimation images from your own design.

Canvas Tote Bag


This bag is great for promotion, brand extension or home use. Company logos or family photos can be imprinted on the surface, colorful and no fading. 

Washing Bag w/Sublimatable Cover


This folding washing bag is very popular. High quality canvas festures durablity and easy to wash. A large sublimation area is ready for any images.

Photo Messenger Bag - Large, Red


These popular canvas messenger bags make a wonderful gift.