FESPA 2019 is Europe’s largest international wide format professional printing exhibition, where over 700 exhibitors would showcase their latest innovations and product launches in the digital and screen printing sectors for graphics, signage, décor, packaging, industrial and textile applications.

As the largest international printing exhibition for screen, digital and textile print, FESPA Global Print Expo 2019 will also again be co-located with European Sign Expo for non-printed visual communication solutions, which makes FESPA 2019 a significant event for even the whole communication sector.

Photo USA, as one of the important exhibitors, will continue to have a presence at FESPA 2019. Our full lines of sublimation products will be presented to you at FESPA 2019, including sublimation heat presses, photo mugs, photo frames, photo canvas, ornaments, MDF products, and many more impressive new products.

Time: 14-17, May 2019

Booth: Hall B6-B72, Munich Messe, Munich

We’re looking forward to your visit and will be pleased to meet you all at this expo. Hope you will enjoy FESPA 2019!



  • Sublimation Enamel Holders

    Other than enamel mugs, we also have a gorgeous group of enamel holders. Make of durable steel with finely coated enamel finish, these old-fashioned enamel holders include 2 enamel tool holders and 3 enamel canisters of different sizes.
  • PU Key Rings

    Coming in varied lovely shapes and vivid colors, this series of key rings will deliver a stylish touch to your daily life. Made of PU and textile, they are quite light and won’t cause scratches on clothing. One side of them bears sparkling colors, while the other side is left blank to receive personalized sublimation images. Print any favorite image on the key ring, and let it show your personalities at any moment.
  • Sublimation Retractable 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable

    Now you can unify your charging efforts across multiple platforms with this 3-in-1 (Type C/Lightning/Micro) USB Charging Cable. With the unique interlocking design, it can be used to charge and sync different devices and allows for an easy switch between devices. Also, the different connectors make it compatible with most phones on the market.
  • Serged Sublimation Mouse Pad

    Revitalize your work area with our serged sublimation mouse pads. The non-slip natural rubber base prevents the mouse pad from slipping away on any surface, while the smooth surface of polyester provides a perfect combination of speed and control of your mouse. Additionally, the edges of the mouse pad is serged, and the serged edges best prevent the mouse pad from generating raw edges, making an accent to render the mouse pad delicate.Most importantly, these serged mouse pads can be personalized by sublimation printing. Pick some favorite logos or photos and print them onto the mouse pad to animate your desk dramatically.
  • 5 m/16 ft. Sublimation Tape Measure

    Made of an impact-resistant ABS case, a nylon-coated steel blade and a positive blade lock, this 5 m/16 ft. two-scale sublimation tape measure will stand up to the toughest demands of any professionals. The blade hook comes with two pieces of magnets, which assure the maximum stability during measurements.Most importantly, this sublimation tape measure comes with a printable insert for sublimation printing. You can print a logo onto the tope to make it a promotional item or add a lettering like Safety to make it a carry-on reminder during working – in short, you can personalize it with any of your preferred images.
  • 11 oz. Two-Tone Latte Mugs w/ 7-Shaped Handle – Inner and Handle

    As a member series of our inner & handle-colored mugs, these 11 oz. two-tone mugs bear a latte mug shape and feature a 7-shaped handle, which seems like the soft and feminine swan neck and is quite comfortable to hold. The outer wall of the mug coated with ORCA coating would produce the finest sublimation images for any ideal personalization. They come in the colors of red, orange, blue and black; more colors can be available on customization.
  • 18 oz. 3-Piece Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

    Shake cocktails up with this stainless steel cocktail shaker, and let your spirit surge up to the surgent spirits! These cocktail shakers are an amazing drink mixer kit for making ice cold cocktail recipes such as: Margarita’s, Cosmopolitan’s, Long Island Iced Tea’s or Apple Martini’s. Made of high quality stainless steel with a mirror finish, these cocktail shakers not only look elegant and light shining but would also long last for use.
  • Magic Sublimation Flip Sequin Pillow Cases – Heart Shape

    Turn your home to be a magic space with these cute sparkling babies, magic heart-shaped sublimation flip sequin pillow cases! The front side of two-tone flip sequins radiates dazzling sheen, showing varied magic images (flip the sequins over to show a different colored surface), while the super soft velour back feels pretty warm and cuddly. Above all, both sides of these pillow cases are available for sublimation printing.

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