• Beer Can Glass

    Crafted as per the shape of normal coke can and with a volume of 320 ml (close to 330 ml of an “old school” can), this beer can glass or rather, coke can-shaped glass is a throwback to 1950s. Because of the classic design of coke can and the smooth surface of the glass, this coke can-shaped glass will give you a perfect hand feel when you hold it.The coated surface is available for logos and wrap-around images. Print any image of choice on the glass to personalize it, and let it be a nice personal glass for beer or beverage, a unique gift or a special supply in the bar or restaurant.
  • Promotional Double-Walled Beer Glasses

    Crafted with Vycor glass, this double-walled beer glass is very light and comfortable to hold. The inner wall is creatively designed as an inverted bottle, which seems also like a sand clock. When you fill the glass with beer or beverage, there seems to be an inverted bottle of beer hanging above the table, and you'd drink from the bottom of the bottle - which is really an amazing drinking experience.
  • 1.5 oz. Shot Glass

    The most popular sublimation shot glass on the market. Standard size makes it cool for whisky in any situation. High quality glass with the best ORCA coating offers a great paltform for sublimation printing. Pictures, figures or any kind of logos can be transfered onto the surface. It's great to have some personalised shot glasses to advertise your bar! It would be perfect to press them with our arc multi-function mug press. Capacities of 1.5 oz. and 2.5 oz. are available, whitch offer you a wonderful choice.