• 10″ Round Metal Plate

    This metal plate is made of stainless steel with metal insert. To personalize it, just sublimation print the image of choice on the metal insert and then stick the insert back on the plate.  Any dye-sublimation images can be choosen, and no fading of the image provides the plate a durable and safe surface.
  • HD Metal Photo Panels

    High definition, true vision. You can hang them on the wall or show them with photo frames on your desk. If you just want them lying on the desk, no problem!
  • Metal Sheet

    The dye-sublimation metal sheet is always the multifunctional product of Photo USA. It can be cutted into any shape or size. Made of aluminium, the sublimation sheet is a great alternative for door hanger, desk sign, name card and even just for decoration. Any picture or information can be imprinted on the surface. It is bright, sharp and no fading. This kind of metal sheet is available in a variety of sizes and colors: gold, silver and white.
  • Oval Metal Plate

    Beautifully wrought of stainless steel, this oval sublimation metal plate is a perfect way to present art works or photographs. Delicate classical design around the rim as an accent, the image featured would amazingly stand out. To personalize it, sublimation print the middle insert and then attach it back to the plate.
  • Round Metal Plate

    Perfect for home or office decoration, these round metal plates are made of plated stainless steel with metal insert. They come in four sizes (4", 6", 8" and 10") and different styles for different sizes. To personalize them, sublimation print the metal insert with any image you love, and then attach the insert back on the plate.