• 17 oz. Latte Mug

    Stylish and ready for decoration, our 12/17 oz. latte mug is essential for daily use and beautiful enough for any occasions. For the "Do It Yourselfer", create something unique using our 6-in-1 mug press, 8-in-1 mug press or Arc multi-function mug press, which allows you to decorate with sublimation on cone shaped surfaces.
  • 17 oz. Latte Mug – Color Changing

    Experience the magic of our 17 oz. color changing latte mugs!  At first glance, these mugs look just like your standard black mugs, but upon adding hot liquid, your imprinted images will come to life with perfect clarity.
  • 17 oz. Personalised Travel Mug (Plastic Insert & Metal Shell, Reverse Screw)

    Go for a trip with a personalized photo mug you love! The best Orca Coating allows you to design your own style. With our matching mug press, you'll be able to print any images on it! The bottom of the mug is designed to screw in anti-clockwise direction, which indicates a contrary thinking mode to the usual. Actually, it's a kind of creative thinking mode that Photo USA will always provide to you.
  • 17 oz. Pint Glass

    These 17 oz. pint glasses feature a matte white patch (with a narrow gap or wide gap) and is perfect for collegiate applications, tourism market and other similar markets. Hand washing is recommended. For DIYers, call or email us for a Photoshop template to ensure a perfect image fit.
  • 17 oz. Stainless Steel Coke Can

    You must agree that this is a considerably interesting invention. Made of stainless steel, this 9 oz. coke can is just the ticket for any coke can addicts or collectors as well as those creative drinkers. Use it to hold wine, spirits, beverage and water, or you just want it for the storage of seasonings. What about a home decoration or a personalized gift? Don't confine your imagination nor its functions!