• Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

    Just like an ace to a gambler, the bottle opener is the very “ace” to a bear lover. Made of stainless steel, these three types of bottle openers are pretty stylish and open bottles easily. The bottle openers 07 (bauble-like) and 09 (mouth-characterized) bear ultra-strong magnets, which have them fixed on the refrigerator or any steel item very stably, offering a convenient and timely uncapping of a beer. The bottle opener 08, however, is rather compact and portable, without a magnet.
  • Compact Mirror

    Gussy you up with any of our sublimation compact mirrors. Imprint the artwork of your choice to the mirror and let it ensure you always look your best.Each mirror includes a coated metal insert which should be first imprinted and then glued on.  This product is available in sunburst, round, square, oval, heart and rectangle shape among others.
  • Metal Tin Candle Box

    Metal Tin box makes perfect candle holder, very cute and romantic. The burning candle will make the whole house full of faint fragrant, which will give you strength and delight and make you enjoy the warm atmosphere.
  • Metal Tin Pencil Box

    Made of quality tin-plated aluminum, these rectangular pencil boxes can be used for a long time and are quite suitable for boys and girls. They have 4 round corners, all corners smooth and seamless, eliminating the risk of any messy leaking.The top of the lid is available for any sublimation images. Personalize the box with some cartoon characters, for example, and the children would be so proud to see their favorite cartoon characters appear on the pencil box!