• Black Acrylic Photo Frame w/ Frosted Glass

    This glass photo frame is beautifully shaped. Arched photo stand comes with two hooks, to which a swing frosted glass is attached. The glass panel is available for personalized sublimation images. Print any image of choice on the glass, and the swing photo glass would add more vitality to your desk or space.
  • Acrylic Photo Frames

    Acrylic products are a rising star on the sublimation photo market. They are very light yet strong. The most important is that they are very easy to print with the sublimation heat press machine. These acrylic photo frames are optimal for presenting photos, and the amazing sublimation results will never let you down. Besides, a Jig for Acrylic Photo Frame will help you make many more dynamic shapes.
  • Acrylic Ornaments

    Acrylic products are very light, strong and not easy to break, which makes them increasingly popular these years. High quality and great sublimation results are guaranteed for these new Acrylic Ornaments. It takes only 100 seconds to print these acrylic ornaments using a flat press. An Ornament Jig will help you curve these beautiful ornaments if you want.
  • 3-in-1 Glass Rectangular Photo Frame w/ Single Axis

    Composed of three glass panels of different sizes and a metal axis, this 3-in-1 glass photo frame is a mighty weapon able to imprint any moment or scene on anyone's memory. Three levels of staggered panels will present the photos in multiple dimensions, producing a vivid 3D effect. You can change the arrangement order of the panels and even spin the panels around the axis to change their relative positions or staggerred effects, which makes it a powerful photo-showing "Transformer".
  • White Acrylic Swing Photo Stand w/ Frosted Glass

    Let your photo swing up with this white swing photo stand. The white stand breathes an elegannt air, and the frosted glass well coated with our coating is a perfect match. Just imprint any image of choice onto the glass, and mount it onto the stand, and then let it swing on the table or any place where there might go a wind. Really an interesting photo stand for home, office, exhibition hall and many more places.