• Polyester (Polyamide) Door Hanger

    Mark your territory with one of these handy door hangers. Whether you're trying to keep intruders out or invite visitors inside, this door hanger will ensure that all passersby know exactly what to expect on the other side of the door. The polyester material makes it quite durable, and the hole is universal sized to work with all standard door knobs. Just sublimation print any bold and eye-catching message on it, and let it deliver your message clearly to any passersby.
  • Polyester (polyamide) Luggage Tag

    This polyester-made luggage tag can survive the longest distance trip with you. With it, you will easily find your well labeled luggage with no efforts. To make it completely unique, print it with any of your own unique sublimation images. Really an ideal luggage tag for any travellers.
  • Shirt for Teddy Bear

    This is a little white hoodie for 21 cm (8 in) plush teddy bear, which is made of 100% polyester, with the string made of full cotton. This hoodie measures 4.3" x 3.5", providing a printable area of 3.1" x 2.3" for sublimation image. The features of being printable and washed easily make the little hoodie a great add-on to plush teddy bear or other suitable stuffed animals.
  • Plush Teddy Bear w/ Hoodie

    Coming in luxuriously soft plush and wearing a cute white hoodie, this teddy bear (in dark brown or golden brown) makes an irresistible cuddly toy for kids, a gentle love messenger on Valentine's Day or a personalized gift for anyone who are fond of stuffed animals.On the hoodie is a vacant printable space of 3.1” x 2.3” for sublimation image. You can choose any of image you like to customize your teddy bear by printing it on the hoodie. The teddy bear’s matching hoodie can be easily removed for washing, making it very convenient to keep it clean.
  • Children’s Rucksack

    Children always have so many beloved snacks and special toys, which they want to carry around all the time. Well, this little backpack will definitely satisfy them! Suitable capacity is enough to keep their little stuffs in. The most amazing, however, is that the backpack is available for any sublimation image. Just print any photos or images the  children most love on the it, and the personalized style will definitely make other children jealous!
  • Jig for Acrylic Hair Pins

    These jigs are created to curve acrylic ornaments. After you've finished printing your acrylic ornament, get the ornament out of the flat press immediately, sandwich it between the pages of the Jig and press the jig. Then, you'll get a beautifully curved ornament!The relatively long and narrow jig is also fit for acrylic hair pins. Just curve the hair pins exactly as you curve the ornaments.
  • School Backpack for Kid

    ● Made of quality polyester, water proof, durable and tear resistant● Additional flap available to be printed with sublimation images of choice● Very comfortable with ergonomic sponge pads in the back and wide straps● Multi-function zippered pockets for additonal storage spaces● Great alloy zippers bright and of no deformation
    ● Available in red, pink and blue
    Note: this product does not include the trolley, but only the backpack. If you want the version with a trolley, please take a look at School Trolley Bag.
  • School Trolley Bag

    Never worry about too many books with these school trolley bags! With a little trolley, it will completely free children’s shoulder! The school bag can be detached from or attached to the trolley very easily, and the pull rod can be smoothly pulled out and pushed back. The additional flap of large size is available for any sublimation image, which will best present children's personalities.
  • Sublimation Storage Stool For Kids – Foldable

    These storage ottomans are so cute to match with any kind of home decoration style, and very convenient for storage use or just a use as a ottoman. They are foldable, and each part of the storage ottoman can be easily folded and tucked into its cover, which makes the ottoman take no place when not in use or carried on the way.