Digital Accessories

  • (English) iPhone Sleeve

    (English) This is a functional and attractive sleeve for your iPhone. The black edge around the opening and the bold stitches around the edges make the sleeve quite elegant looking. It provides good protection from scratches and shocks. Personalize it by sublimation printing any stylish image on to make it an unique impressive phone sleeve.
  • (English) Serged Sublimation Mouse Pad

    (English) Revitalize your work area with our serged sublimation mouse pads. The non-slip natural rubber base prevents the mouse pad from slipping away on any surface, while the smooth surface of polyester provides a perfect combination of speed and control of your mouse. Additionally, the edges of the mouse pad is serged, and the serged edges best prevent the mouse pad from generating raw edges, making an accent to render the mouse pad delicate.Most importantly, these serged mouse pads can be personalized by sublimation printing. Pick some favorite logos or photos and print them onto the mouse pad to animate your desk dramatically.
  • (English) Smart Phone Sleeve

    (English) This is a functional and attractive sleeve for your smart phone. The black edge around the opening and the bold stitches around the edges make the sleeve quite elegant looking. It provides good protection from scratches and shocks. Personalize it by sublimation printing any stylish image on to make it an unique impressive phone sleeve.
  • (English) Sublimation Retractable 3-in-1 USB Charging Cable

    (English) Now you can unify your charging efforts across multiple platforms with this 3-in-1 (Type C/Lightning/Micro) USB Charging Cable. With the unique interlocking design, it can be used to charge and sync different devices and allows for an easy switch between devices. Also, the different connectors make it compatible with most phones on the market.
  • 3D Film iPhone 4/5/6/S Case

    The 3D Film iPhone 4/5/6/S Case is a fashionable new sublimation product that is dye-sublimated by 3D Film vaccumsub Heat Press Machine.
  • 3D iPad Air Cover

    Packing: 72pcs/Carton Dimension: 230*270*570mm Weight: 12.3kg Material: PC Finish Type: Glossy
  • 6600mAh Power Bank

    No Wi-Fi and a dead phone can be the most terrible things on the world! Well, here comes the good news! This handy 6600mAh Power Bank will charge any of your devices unfailingly! Fantastic sublimation results can be made with our 3D Sublimation Machine. And we have another 1000mAh Power Bank on sale!
  • 热转印蓝牙音响

  • Cell Phone Bag

    How sweet this cell phone bag is! No pockets to put your phone in? Hey, here is a phone bag! You know what the most thoughtful thing is?
  • Folded iPhone 5 Case

    Double-sided adhesive firmly holds the phone in place.
  • Folded iPhone6/Plus Case/ Side Turning

    Perfectly fit on iPhone6 Plus with all the phone buttons and camera available.
  • Galaxy S4 Hard Bumper

    Provide protection from any scratches or damges for your phone.
  • iPad Mini Hard Cover – White

    Shield the iPad Mini from daily wear and tear with this chic iPad Mini Case. This case provides unlimited decorating options with full wrap and color image reproduction on the face and all four sides.
  • iPad Mini Hard Cover with Insert

    This iPad Mini cover is ideal for protecting the hottest tablet on the market! The deluxe bumper protects from scratches and damages while providing easy access to controls and ports.
  • iPhone 4/4S Cover w/ Metal Sheet

    This personalized iPhone case is specially for iPhone 4/s. Great silicon provides better protection for your phone.
  • iPhone 4S – Cover – Black, White, Clear

    Offer your customers a high demand product from Photo USA. We have iPhone 4S (AT&T, Verizon, & Sprint) cases that allow for unlimited decorating options! Available in black, white, or clear, this high grade hard plastic (polycarbonate) is durable and lightweight.
  • iPhone6/Plus Cover w/Metal Sheet

    Perfectly fit on iPhone6/Plus with all the phone buttons and camera available.
  • Kindle E-Reader Sleeve

    Soft inside make your Kindle away from any scratches and damages. Dual zipper design is perfect for protecting your Kindle from sliding out.
  • Magnetic Phone Car Mount, with Sublimation Metal Insert

    Tied of those large car mounts? Try this one! Mini body will take no place in your car. Strong magnet can stick your phone tightly and will not affect your phone signal!
  • 热转印心形鼠标垫

    办公室或隔间具有规范统一而又无趣, 使用我们的3毫米心形鼠标垫将丰富您的工作区域。 无论是您公司的徽标还是能够以积极的方式激励您自己或同事的图像,我们所有的热转印鼠标垫都能让您的办公桌变得生动。规格:尺寸:8“长x 9.5”宽x x 0.1“高转印区域:8“x 9.5”加热方法:平板机:360°F   40秒。件数:160重量:26.6
  • Neoprene iPad™, Laptop Sleeves – 10″, 13″, 15″

    Designed to fit the Apple® iPad, smaller netbooks, and 13" and 15" laptops, our smooth feel neoprene sleeves are water resistant and durable. With a sublimation-ready face, personalization ideas are endless. Dual zippers and a contemporary black back round out this minimalist stylistic sleeve.
  • Phone Ring Holder

    These sublimaiton Phone ring holders are very popular now. They can help you to hold your phone more easily. Round, rectangular and oval to chose from now.
  • Power Bank Case for iPhone6/ iPhone6 Plus

    Have you ever thought about charge your iPhone without a data line? Well, now you can make it! With this Power Bank Case, you'll never worry about a dead iPhone6!
  • Samsung GalaxyS7/S7 edge Cover

    Big news for Samsung Fans! Samsung S7 and S7 Edge covers are coming! There are 3D cover, soft and hard cover with metal insert and folded cover!
  • Samsung P3100 Cover/ Black

    Protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab P3100 from scratches and damages.
  • Samsung S3 Cover/ Metal Insert

    High quality polymer material make it popular among Galaxy Series fans.
  • Soft iPhone 5 Cover

    High quality PC TPU SOFT cover provides a secure fit on the iPhone 5.
  • 热转印笔记本电脑包

    描述 你厌倦了你的笔记本电脑包吗?总是一成不变的表面,不特别而且太重不利于携带?买一个新的电脑包吧!这款全新热升华笔记本电脑包将为您带来全新的生活方式!柔软轻盈。它具有防震和防水功能,可以完美保护您的笔记本公司徽标或照片,无论您想要转印什么,都可以使用平板机在两面转印。任何图像都可以转印出来,具有完美的自然转印效果,不会褪色。所有颜色转印后都很迷人。拉链设计可以保护您的笔记本电脑免于滑落。硬件提高了包的质量,也有助于以独特的方式展现您的个人魅力。 有两个带扣,可轻松取下带子。当您认为短手柄足以使用时,可帮您隐藏表带。 防滑设计改变了带子的历史。不会轻易从肩膀上滑落和可调节的功能使其成为市场上的新宠。大,中,小尺寸可供选择。无论您的笔记本电脑有多大尺寸,都可以找到合适的包包!
  • 热转印迷你音箱

    描述仍然认为扬声器是那些无聊又沉重的盒子? 到处都找不到独特的扬声器? 仍然担心无法找到供应扬声器的电源? 来吧! Photo USA将永远让您的梦想成真!采用优质聚合物制成,轻盈坚固。 色彩缤纷的色彩将带给您不一样的视觉体验。 现在有白色,黑色,红色和绿色可供选择。 任何图像都可以转印出完美的自然转移效果,不褪色。 颜色在白色光滑和有光泽的表面上非常迷人。 使用USB连接器,计算机或电话,无论是什么,只需一个USB接口即可将此扬声器作为电源供电。 1.2米非常适合数据线的使用。 聆听音乐,看电影或开会,无论是在家里,户外还是在办公室,它都能提供超逼真的声音和感觉。 音量滚轮可以让您随意控制音量。
  • Transparent 3D iPhone6/ 6 Plus Cover-Clear

    Transparent 3D sublimation iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus cover! Great 3D sublimation results with the transparent material will give  you a different experience.
  • USB 热转印钥匙扣

    描述 现在几乎每人都有USB闪存盘。 对于许多人来说,非常喜欢个性化的产品。 Photo USA将USB闪存盘与钥匙圈结合在一起,使其成为一款精美的饰品——USB 热转印钥匙扣。
    • 钥匙环可以进行热转印,效果佳
    • 高品质芯片,容量为8G,16G和32G
    • 钥匙环可以紧紧固定芯片而不会损坏
    • 每个闪存盘都有一个单独的纸板包装
    • 菱形,矩形和拱形可供选择