• (English) Aluminium Cigarette Case

    (English) Crafted as per common disposable cigarette case, this flip-top aluminium cigarette case could be a durable and fashionable substitute for that. Characterized by neat design and simple lines, it breathes a strong stylish air. The point however is that it can be personalized by sublimation printing, and both sides are printable. Just with some impressive images, you could transfer it to be a unique, stylish and ever reliable cigarette case.
  • (English) Canvas Tote Bags

    (English) Made of 100 % polyester or 100 % cotton, this series of canvas tote bags are light weight and sturdy to carry. They vary not only in the material but also in the shape, color and size. The white version bags (polyester-made) features black handles, forming an ever classic and also stylish design of black and white, while the off-white version (cotton-made) breathes a natural vintage air. Each type of the bags come in the sizes of 13” x 13”, 16” x 16” or 18” x 18” to meet any preferences.
  • (English) Eye Cover

    (English) Pull out one of these incredibly lightweight, comfortable eye covers/sleep masks anywhere and anytime - in a bed, on a flight or on a long car ride - and enjoy uninterrupted restful sleep. They'll perfectly block lights for the most effective sleep, and the adjustable and pain-free head strap makes your sleeping experience better.
  • (English) Fashion Jewelry Accessories

    (English) Simple as they are, this series of vintage jewelries will definitely make a highlight of your makeup. As a permanent tone to convey elegance and refinedness, silver is a classic joker color to match with any garments and will dramatically elevate a person’s temperament and image. The sublimation insert featured will be the exact spot to show your personalities. Fashion is to present the greatest beauty with the simplest things or to present personalities with creativity.All these jewelries are Proposition 65-compliant.
  • (English) Foldable Fashion Tote Bag

    (English) Strong enough like a workhorse, yet convenient enough to be folded into “a piece of bread”, these foldable fashion tote bags are long-lasting, water-resistant and washable. Print some pleasant floral patterns, lovely pet images, geometrical designs, or simply a monogram, if you please, to the tote to convert it into an amazing alternative to the plastic shopping bag, or a convenient chic tote bag for travel. Hand carry it or sling it over your shoulder – exactly as you wish.
  • (English) PU Key Rings

    (English) Coming in varied lovely shapes and vivid colors, this series of key rings will deliver a stylish touch to your daily life. Made of PU and textile, they are quite light and won’t cause scratches on clothing. One side of them bears sparkling colors, while the other side is left blank to receive personalized sublimation images. Print any favorite image on the key ring, and let it show your personalities at any moment.
  • (English) Sublimation Pencil Bag

    (English) This sublimation pencil bag is water proof, and the full right side is available for sublimation printing. Get any preferred images and print them onto the bag to give it a bold personalized statement. Additionally, don't confine its funtion to only a pencil pag. For example, it can also be used for cosmetics.
  • 热升华笔袋/化妆包

    一个带有可更换翻盖的小包,专为女孩和男孩设计。 这款包采用优质帆布制成,确保在未来几年内保持耐用,并且用于翻盖的特殊织物产生更好的图像转移效果,使图像更清晰,更生动。 有黑色,蓝色或红色,可更换的翻盖使不同的场合可以使包包看起来不同。 是既可作为笔袋,又可作为化妆包的多用包。特征:
    • 升华图像的可打印区域为8.3'×4.9'
    • 可更换翻盖
    • 用于铅笔,化妆品等的
  • Acrylic Hair Pin

    Tired of those tasteless hair pins on the market? Can't find a unique one to cheer you up? Then make your own one by yourself! Look, Photo USA got your back with these Sublimation Acrylic Hair Pins. Lovely fashion shapes, easy to wear and great sublimation results will match your temperament. It's very easy to sublimate with a flat press like all the Acrylic Products. A Hair Pin Jig will help you to shape the hair pins.
  • 热转印魔术头巾

  • Baby Bib

    Photo USA has designed a special baby bib for baby. The material is very soft and healthy for baby to use.
  • Baby Pocket Bib

    Are you still looking for a suitable and comfortable baby bib for your baby? Do you still not know how to prevent food from falling over when you feed your kids? Look over here! A new baby pocket bib, specially designed to catch food from falling over!
  • Bracelet

    Simple design with sublimation insert. Silver is super joker color to match any occasions and clothes. The size of the bracelet is adjustable, which makes it so flexible and convenient. The sublimation insert could be a great highlight. Two different kinds to choose from now. Both of them are sublimation available. With round or heart-shaped blank inserts for transfer use.
  • Camisole

    Girls always want a special camisole in Summer. Look at this one! Rim colored, high quality material, personalized images make this camisole one of the best sellers in the market.
  • Canvas Tote Bag

    This bag is great for promotion, brand extension or home use. Company logos or family photos can be imprinted on the surface, colorful and no fading.
  • Children T-Shirt

    No-sleeves T-Shirts make children feel more comfortable and free. Colorful collar and side fetures a lively T-Shirt.
  • Children’s Rucksack

    Children always have so many beloved snacks and special toys, which they want to carry around all the time. Well, this little backpack will definitely satisfy them! Suitable capacity is enough to keep their little stuffs in. Personalized style will make other children so jealous!
  • Cigarette Case

    Double size make it more popular because it can hold more cigarettes for people. Stainless steel meterial show its bright and elegant appearance,grace and beautiful. The simple bright metal edge matching the large imprint area will bring you a sense of fashion. Replace your old cigarette case with this stylish one!
  • City Bag

    Just pull the string to tighten the bag and be on your way! This portable mini city bag will free your shoulders so much! It’s ideal for gathering your belongings with you. Want to show your personality? Just start to design your own mini bag now!
  • Classic Men’s Wallet

    This men's wallets will definitely meet your daily needs. It's convenient and of high quality. There are several credit card compartments and even a insert for your family photo.
  • Classic Zipper-Wallet

    Classic zipper-wallet is coming! It has a coins bag, several credit card compartments and a large space to keep your dollars, which make it really suitable for everyday use!
  • Coin Bag

    Always take a coin bag with you is a smart move. Coins or small change will be organized in order. Photo USA has a great idea for coin bags---sublimation coin bags! It’s so nice to have an own designed coin bag! Any images can be printed on the bag. Simple, but unique!
  • Commuter Bag

    As small lady purses are so common on the street, how to make yours unique becomes a considerable problem. This time, Photo USA offers you a great plan.
  • Cufflinks

    Cufflinks could be the second important ornament to a gentleman besides the watch. Elegant finish with some fashionable element would give your formal wear a personal touch.
  • 热转印钥匙包

    Have you found it really annoying to have you cell phone or some other objects scratched by keys? I bet you have! Now, with this key bag, That’ll never happen again! Just put your keys with your phone together, and count on it! They can’t do anything bad to you phone screen anymore!
  • Denim Wallet

    Our denim wallet features a bright sublimation cover with snap closure that opens up to a bill fold, five card slots, and identification cover.
  • Earring

    This set of personalized earrings calls to the classics with elegant yet simple design. Mounted with diamond-look ornaments and a small area left for your own design, these earrings could match with any kinds of clothes. Vintage but with a little fashion elements. They meant to show all the expressive, creative and inspirational personalities!

  • 热转印指尖陀螺

    热转印指尖陀螺咋2017 年成为如此受欢迎的玩具,越来越多的成年人成为这些可爱玩具的忠实粉丝。 很多人沉迷于这种新的解压方式!现在Photo USA已成功将这款玩具带入热升华市场!规格:材质:合金尺寸:9 x 5厘米,5 x 5厘米可印尺寸:(直径)1.6厘米数量:120个包装:21 x 26 x 38 cm★印记提示:平板机185℃,50秒
  • Flap for Messenger Bag

    Photo USA has replacement or additional flaps for the large messenger bags. Ideas: sell the messenger bag with unique interchangeable flaps options.
  • Glossy Leather Banquet Purse

    Alligator Pattern seems to be so popular on lady’s purse and all kinds of bags. Photo USA has combined the Alligator Pattern and sublimation skills together to offer you this wonderful lady’s purse. It can be a shoulder bag with a strap!
  • Insulated Lunch Bag Expandable

    Here comes an expandable lunch bag! Separated inserts for ice bag keeping, strong insulated material, and with an adjustable long shoulder strap, it offers you three ways of carrying.
  • Jig for Acrylic Ornaments

    These Jigs are created to curve Acrylic Ornaments in case you need to do that. Get the ornaments out from the flat press and put them in the middle of the Jig immediately, in return, you'll get a beautiful curved ornament!
  • Key Ring

    We have different shapes to choose from, please check above.
  • Kids School Backpack

    Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.
  • Lady’s Purse – w/ Hand Strap

    If there is anyting that a lady cannot resist, that’s a beautiful lady purse. This fashion PU lady purse, with its personalized style, will definitely catch your eyes.
  • Leatherette Wallet

    Our medium leatherette wallet features a bright sublimation cover with snap closure that opens up to a billfold, Identification holder, and coin purse with snap closure. Leatherette has a soft leather-like feel.