• (English) Eye Cover

    (English) Pull out one of these incredibly lightweight, comfortable eye covers/sleep masks anywhere and anytime - in a bed, on a flight or on a long car ride - and enjoy uninterrupted restful sleep. They'll perfectly block lights for the most effective sleep, and the adjustable and pain-free head strap makes your sleeping experience better.
  • Acrylic Hair Pin

    Tired of those tasteless hair pins on the market? Can't find a unique one to cheer you up? Then make your own one by yourself! Look, Photo USA got your back with these Sublimation Acrylic Hair Pins. Lovely fashion shapes, easy to wear and great sublimation results will match your temperament. It's very easy to sublimate with a flat press like all the Acrylic Products. A Hair Pin Jig will help you to shape the hair pins.
  • 热转印魔术头巾

  • Baby Bib

    Photo USA has designed a special baby bib for baby. The material is very soft and healthy for baby to use.
  • Baby Pocket Bib

    Are you still looking for a suitable and comfortable baby bib for your baby? Do you still not know how to prevent food from falling over when you feed your kids? Look over here! A new baby pocket bib, specially designed to catch food from falling over!
  • Camisole

    Girls always want a special camisole in Summer. Look at this one! Rim colored, high quality material, personalized images make this camisole one of the best sellers in the market.
  • Children T-Shirt

    No-sleeves T-Shirts make children feel more comfortable and free. Colorful collar and side fetures a lively T-Shirt.
  • Jig for Acrylic Ornaments

    These Jigs are created to curve Acrylic Ornaments in case you need to do that. Get the ornaments out from the flat press and put them in the middle of the Jig immediately, in return, you'll get a beautiful curved ornament!
  • Necktie

    Our neckties are sublimation friendly and produce a fine quality image. Perfect for holiday gifts and promotions of all kinds!
  • Ped T-Shirt

    (English) Colorful collar and sides make this ped T-shirt different from others. It's perfect for children with the soft material. Images imprinted on it will attract children's eyes. Different colors are available from Photo USA. Please feel free to contact us.
  • Personalized Breathable Arm Sleeves

    (English) With this pair of arm sleeves, you'll be free to enjoy the outdoor activities! They'll protect your arms from damages of UV or wind. Imprint your favorite images on and have some fun! Ice cool design will let you be cool all the Summer!
  • Polyester Cap

    This polyester cap is perfect for those travelers, sportsmen, or cap collectors. Made from excellent polyester, it's very comfortable to wear.
  • Round Collar T-Shirt

    With round collor, colorful sleeve and white body, this T-Shirt will draw your attention as soon as you see it! 100% polyester material make this T-Shirt become one of the best sellers in the market.
  • 热升华脚踝袜

    好消息! 我们现在有热升华袜子! 这款袜子50%纯棉和48%涤纶,非常舒适透气。 三种袜子可供选择:足球袜,篮球袜和脚踝袜。 适用于任何个性化图像的热升华。 让我们看看这将如何运作! 分类:篮球袜,足球袜,脚踝袜★印制作提示:在185℃使用袜子夹具和平板机, 5温度为50秒“
  • 热转印篮球袜

    好消息! 我们现在有热升华袜子! 这款袜子50%纯棉和48%涤纶,非常舒适透气。 三种袜子可供选择:足球袜,篮球袜和脚踝袜。 适用于任何个性化图像的热升华。 让我们看看这将如何运作! 分类:篮球袜,足球袜,脚踝袜★印制作提示:在185℃使用袜子夹具和平板机, 5温度为50秒“
  • 热转印足球袜

    好消息! 我们现在有热升华袜子! 这款袜子50%纯棉和48%涤纶,非常舒适透气。 三种袜子可供选择:足球袜,篮球袜和脚踝袜。 适用于任何个性化图像的热升华。 让我们看看这将如何运作! 分类:篮球袜,足球袜,脚踝袜★印制作提示:在185℃使用袜子夹具和平板机, 5温度为50秒“
  • Sublimation T-Shirt, Inner Cotton

    White T-Shirts with 100% polyester outside and 100% cotton inside is the best alternative for personal use, promoting brand or other use.
  • V Collar T-Shirt

    V-collar T-Shirt has always been pursued by many people becaaused it can get them very good got-up face and neck line. This V-collar T-Shirt in white with special colorful sleeves is perfect for this demand.
  • White Round Collar T-Shirt

    Round collar, long sleeve and personalized image will let this T-Shirt become a big hit in the market. High quality from Photo USA, this T-Shirt will satisfy those people who pursue a high qualiy of life.