• (English) Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

    (English) Just like an ace to a gambler, the bottle opener is the very “ace” to a bear lover. Made of stainless steel, these three types of bottle openers are pretty stylish and open bottles easily. The bottle openers 07 (bauble-like) and 09 (mouth-characterized) bear ultra-strong magnets, which have them fixed on the refrigerator or any steel item very stably, offering a convenient and timely uncapping of a beer. The bottle opener 08, however, is rather compact and portable, without a magnet.
  • 热转印亚克力相框

    热转印亚克力相框! 亚克力产品是热升华照片市场上的后起之秀。 它们非常轻盈不易破碎。 重要的是它们使用热升华热平板机制作非常容易。 惊艳的热升华结果永远不会让你失望。 很多不同的形状可供选择。规范:材质:亚克力机器:平板机温度:190-200℃时间:100秒纸张:热升华转印纸
  • 21 Cm / 8英寸毛绒泰迪熊的连帽衫

    这是一款21厘米(8英寸)长毛绒泰迪熊的小白色连帽衫,由100%涤纶制成,绳子由全棉制成。 这款连帽衫尺寸为4.3“x 3.5”,为热升华图像提供3.1“x 2.3”的可打印空间。 可打印和易于清洗的特点使小连帽衫成为毛绒玩具熊或其他合适毛绒动物的一个很好的附加物。
  • 帽衫毛绒泰迪熊

    热转印泰迪熊(深棕色或金棕色),柔软的毛绒,穿着可爱的白色连帽衫,是孩子们的不可抗拒的可爱玩具,情人节的温柔爱情使者或者喜欢填充动物人的个性化礼物。连帽衫是3.1“x 2.3”的空白可印刷空间,可用于热升华图像。 您可以选择任何您喜欢的图像,通过在连帽衫上转印来定制您的泰迪熊。 泰迪熊的配套连帽衫可以很容易地拆下来进行清洗,非常方便保持清洁。
  • 110 Piece Sublimation Jigsaw Puzzles – 7.5″ x 9.5″

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood. He then proceeded to saw around each individual country. The resulting product was used to aid in teaching geography. We've come a long way since those days and we've found more ways to make the jigsaw puzzle fun!Like all our puzzle products, the 110 piece product is fully sublimatable where the result is fantastic! Rich, vibrant colors will be securely interlocked and ready for display OR rebuild!
  • Hot

    23” 自动热转印伞

    描述23” 自动热转印伞,这款自动打开的伞由全白色190T实心弹簧制成,密度足以保护您免受大雨侵袭。 任何徽标或图像都可以在此结构上生动地转印。 它的轴和框架由金属制成,非常坚固。 弧形塑料手柄将为您提供舒适的体验。规范:白颜色面料:190T固体春亚纺框架和轴:黑色金属框架和轴数量/点数:24pcs包装:88x18x18cm毛重:12kg
  • 3.25″三角边圆形挂件

    这款3.25三角边圆形挂件的陶瓷饰品具有光滑,风格化的边缘,三角形花边沿装饰物的外边缘穿孔。任何节日场合,彩色照片或标志都可以展现出其活力。非常适合举办婚礼,圣诞节等!规格:尺寸:3.5“D x 0.1”H 转印面积:3.5“ 加热方法:平板机:365°F 90秒。 件数:100 重量:10.8
  • 30 Piece Sublimation Jigsaw Puzzles – 7.5″ x 9.5″

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood.
  • 4″ 圆形镂空挂件

    4" 圆形镂空挂件,可以作为装饰品,令任何特殊的节日或活动令人难忘。装饰的边缘有心形蕾丝形图案。这些热升华装饰非常适合圣诞节活动,聚会,婚礼,假期等等。挂绳不包括在内。规格说明:印记区:4“ 加热方法:平板机:365°F 90秒。 件数:100 重量:15.8
  • 63 Pieces Cardboard Jigsaw Puzzles

    The first jigsaw puzzle was created around 1760, when a British engraver and mapmaker named John Spilsbury, mounted a map on a sheet of wood.
  • 75 片热转印拼图

    拼图游戏是广受欢迎的一种智力游戏,它的变化多端,难度不一,让人百玩不厌。75 片热转印拼图,拼凑的不仅仅是一张照片,而是一个故事,一段回忆,一缕温情。每一片的单片都有它自己的位置,就像每段回忆都有它的故事,你要将它放在专属的地方,放对了就慢慢丰富完整起来。75 片热转印拼图,突破了传统热转印拼图只能平面放置或者需要单独配置相应外框的缺点,而是可以自体成为相框形式的一款热转印品题。体会新型拼图的乐趣,款新型的拼图游戏,不但让我们体会游戏的乐趣,同时把片片散落的记忆重新组合的全新视觉享受。规格:尺寸:7.5“长x 7.0”宽 x 0.125“印记区域:7.5“L x 7.0”W加热面积:平板机:360°F 40秒。件数:2
  • Acrylic Ornaments

    Acrylic products are very light, strong and not easy to break, which makes them more and more popular these years. Sharing the same material supplier with Unisub, high quality and great sublimation results are guaranteed for these new Acrylic Ornaments.
  • Baby Bib

    Photo USA has designed a special baby bib for baby. The material is very soft and healthy for baby to use.
  • Baby Pocket Bib

    Are you still looking for a suitable and comfortable baby bib for your baby? Do you still not know how to prevent food from falling over when you feed your kids? Look over here! A new baby pocket bib, specially designed to catch food from falling over!
  • Black Acrylic Rotating Photo Stand

    High quality frosted glass and excellent Acrylic photo stand performs a great decoration for any occassions. Tiltid glass photo makes it special in the photo frame market.
  • Black Acrylic Slide Photo Stand

    New product from Photo USA! High quality as usual! Half rectangle slide photo stand will support the glass photo steadily and also make you feel free to change any photos.
  • Children’s Rucksack

    Children always have so many beloved snacks and special toys, which they want to carry around all the time. Well, this little backpack will definitely satisfy them! Suitable capacity is enough to keep their little stuffs in. Personalized style will make other children so jealous!
  • Christmas Ornament with Hole

    A popular choice for portrait shaped photos, logos, or quotations, the 3" o r 4 '' sublimation ornament reproduces photos, logos, and other artwork with natural vibrance. Application ideas include Christmas or Hanukkah gifts, weddings, and medal type awards. This Ornament is NA Coated. Hanging string not included.
  • Compact Mirror

    (English) Gussy you up with any of our sublimation compact mirrors. Imprint the artwork of your choice to the mirror and let it ensure you always look your best.Each mirror includes a coated metal insert which should be first imprinted and then glued on.  This product is available in sunburst, round, square, oval, heart and rectangle shape among others.
  • Crystal Thick Frame

    With a pair of the diagonal corner is semicircle, this crystal photo frame attracts lots of people. Getting rid of the traditional shape, it will bring you some new feelings. Paper photograph is outdate. Imprint your pictures on the frame is popular now. Photo USA offers many kinds of crystal photo frames for you. Different size is available.
  • Crystal Thin Frame

    Round corner make this sublimation crystal photo frame more safer and chamfer angle design make this sublimation square photo frame more popular. The suitable size with your favourite pictures would be the best decoration on you desk. Transparent material offers us a stylish photo frame. Now say goodbye to the traditional frame and try this new one!
  • Customizable Home Slipper

    New sublimation blanks-Customizable Home Slippers with detachable velcro for one -of -a kind customizing! To show your personality, photos or text can be printed on the slippers.
  • Glass Table Clock

    (English) This square glass clock is popular for its simplicity and great for home or office.  You'll have a whole pannel to transfer any images you want, which also makes it a fantastic photo frame to show your personality. The simplicity and versatility of the glass clock would make it a unique accent to any space.
  • Jewelry Box with Tile Lid

    Our customizable, high-quality jewelry boxes are just the thing for protecting and putting away valuables in a safe place. Each of these jewelry boxes comes with a 4.25"x4.25" photo tile which fits perfectly into the top of the box.
  • Jig for Acrylic Ornaments

    These Jigs are created to curve Acrylic Ornaments in case you need to do that. Get the ornaments out from the flat press and put them in the middle of the Jig immediately, in return, you'll get a beautiful curved ornament!
  • Kids School Backpack

    Excellent quality polyester, water-proof, durable and  tear resistant.
  • 树叶边装饰带孔挂件

    这款树叶边装饰带孔挂件陶瓷饰品有光滑的边缘,任何特殊的节日或活动都令人难忘。圆形边缘饰有穿孔树叶图案。这些升华装饰非常适合圣诞节或光明节活动,成人礼仪 ,婚礼,假期等等。挂绳不包括在内。规格:尺寸:3“D x 0.1”H 转印面积:3“ 加热方法:平板机:365°F 90秒。 件数:100 重量:9磅
  • MDF Clock

    (English) As people are pursuing for the beauty of simplicity, Photo USA provides an approach to simple life style. Hence, this MDF clock has been created out for you, and it could be an epitome of a simple life style. This popular clock bears the following features:● The quality MDF from Unisub being of high density, brightness and hardness● Precise edge cutting and subtle processing● Smooth surface providing a great platform for sublimation printing● Simple shape, not liable to deformation, non-toxic and no fading● Keeping accurate time with delicate hands● Great battery-saving ability● Two different sizes available
  • MDF Photo Frame

    Have a lot of photos to show, but don’t have a beautiful photo panel? Here comes your chance! A sublimation photo panel! DIY your own panel for every piece of photo!
  • Metal Frame

    Want a photo frame for your office or home? Try this one! Whole iron material, wrought edge pattern and elegant black make this dye-sublimation frame a unique decoration for your home or office.
  • 热转印烛台

    描述 热转印烛台是金属锡盒制作完美的烛台,非常可爱和浪漫。 燃烧的蜡烛将使整个房子充满淡淡的芬芳,这将给你力量和喜悦,让你享受温暖的气氛。 这是晚宴,生日派对或任何其他场合的选择。规格:
    • 材质:金属锡铝插件
    • 心形蜡烛盒(红/桃):
    • 数量/点数:72个(仅蜡烛盒),20个(礼品套装,2个心形蜡烛盒,一个礼品套装,可以是红色,桃红色或桃红色)
    • 圆形蜡烛盒(银色):
    • 数量/点数:120pcs
    • ★转印提示:180℃,60s
  • Metal Tin Candy Box

    Use these personalized candy box to keep your candy would be so wonderful! Made of high standard metal tin material; healthy food-contact surface to prevent food pollution. 3 different shapes available and with the sublimation insert, you can design your own personalized candy box! Let’s have a try!
  • 热转印笔盒

    热转印笔盒,它的不同之处在于它可以在上面转印图像! 高品质的金属和规则的矩形形状使其适合男孩和女孩。 给孩子们礼物——一个性化的热转印笔盒! 他们会很自豪地看到他们喜欢的卡通人物出现在铅笔盒上!规格:材质:金属颜色:银色数量:60pcs★转印提示:180℃,60s平板机
  • Neck Pouch for Kids

    Back to school series! This little pouch is specially designed for school kids to keep their school ID cards, some coins or other things they want to keep around.
  • Photo Slate

    PhotoSlate is a dye-sublimation substrate specifically designed to frame and enhance full color photographs in a unique and natural presentation. With an earthly elegance of finely machined slate, each piece is handcrafted and features chiseled beveled edges to allow any image to flow beautifully on it's extremely flat imprint surface.
  • 纸质礼品盒

    描述纸质礼品盒小礼物! 拼图,糖果,T恤......创造你自己设计的礼品盒,礼物将是多么美好! 每英寸都可以印上精美的图像。 闪亮而美妙的色彩会立刻吸引您的目光! 我们现在试试吧!规格:材质:白纸尺寸:31.7 x 23.6 x 6.5厘米数量/件:300件(20件装,每件15件)包装:50 x 40 x 30 cm毛重:22.8千克