How to sublimate image on T shirt? (50%-100% polyester/fiber)

Hey, I am Charles! Last week, we talked about making different type T shirts with different substrate. Now we will talk about how to use sublimation method to sublimate image on 100%fibre and 50%fibre T shirt.

First, print the designed image on the inkjet paper by normal inkjet printer with sublimation ink. (Note: mirror print on Photoshop is a must)
Second, set the flat machine to the degree of 185OC and 40 seconds. To preheat the machine to the set temperature, and then adjust the pressure when reaches constant temperature.
At last, put T shirt on the surface of flat machine (Note: watch the heat). Put the imprinted paper on the substrate flatly with image side to the T-shirt, and fold the machine. After 40 seconds, the alarm will set off automatically. Open the machine and take the paper off the T-shirt, a full image has already been sublimated on T shirt.
The pros and cons of sublimation:
1.     The sublimated image can be put on the T shirt directly with chemical change. The sublimated image will not be washed off, and the clothes are very breathable and comfortable as there’s no sublimation paper sticking to the surface.
2.     Only 100% and 50% fiber can be applied,100% cotton clothes is off-limit.
3.     Only white and light color clothes can be sublimated.
We will introduce you the sublimation method on 100% cotton T shirt with sublimation paper. See you next week!

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