• 4″ MDF Coaster w/ Cork Back

    This series of 4″ MDF coasters bear a cork back and come in the shapes of square, circle and heart. The cork back makes these coasters more anti-slip and meanwhile protects the table surface. Any sublimation photographs can be imprinted on the surface of the coasters, which allows you to personalize them in your own way. They are unique coasters for home or public space.
  • Oven Mitt

    This pot glove/oven mitt is used for protecting hands and forearms from hot dishes or microwave oven racks, or off the stove when you're having an indoor cooking or outdoor BBQ. They can be personalized by sublimation printing. Add some cute images on it, and make it a great helper in the kitchen.
  • Pot Holder

    These pot holders are the perfect accessory for baking and cooking. They are of high heat resistance and allow you to safely remove dishes from the oven or stove. Personalize them by sublimation printing them with any image to show your own personalities. They are ideal for hot pan holder, microwave splatter guard, large coaster, spoon rest, jar opener or trivet. Two sizes are available for your choice.
  • Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

    Just like an ace to a gambler, the bottle opener is the very “ace” to a bear lover. Made of stainless steel, these 6 types of bottle openers are pretty stylish and open bottles easily. Each of them bears a mouth of different shape.All of these bottle openers are available for sublimation images. Print some harmonious images on them and allocate them in the home at any appropriate corner, or add a logo to them and let them highlight your brand’s profile at every spot of your bar or restaurant. They can also make a powerful personal ensemble to allow you a handy drink everywhere – whether at home or outside.
  • Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

    Just like an ace to a gambler, the bottle opener is the very “ace” to a bear lover. Made of stainless steel, these three types of bottle openers are pretty stylish and open bottles easily. The bottle openers 07 (bauble-like) and 09 (mouth-characterized) bear ultra-strong magnets, which have them fixed on the refrigerator or any steel item very stably, offering a convenient and timely uncapping of a beer. The bottle opener 08, however, is rather compact and portable, without a magnet.
  • Sublimation Apron

    We have two types of aprons, large one for adult and small one for child. They are all sublimatable, so you can personalize your apron with any of your perferred images. Make your cooking experience more interesting with our sublimation aprons.
  • Sublimation Enamel Holders

    Other than enamel mugs, we also have a gorgeous group of enamel holders. Make of durable steel with finely coated enamel finish, these old-fashioned enamel holders include 2 enamel tool holders and 3 enamel canisters of different sizes.
  • Sublimation Fridge Magnet

    Coming in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these sublimation fridge magnets are great for posting reminders or messages on a fridge door, or could simply serve as a decoration to the fridge. Just print them with any sublimation photos or letterings. Typically, fridge magnets are also popular souvenir and collectible objects.
  • 10″ Round Metal Plate

    This metal plate is made of stainless steel with metal insert. To personalize it, just sublimation print the image of choice on the metal insert and then stick the insert back on the plate.  Any dye-sublimation images can be choosen, and no fading of the image provides the plate a durable and safe surface.
  • 4.25″ x 4.25″ Ceramic Tiles

    The most popular square sublimation ceramic tiles, our 4.25" x 4.25" tiles produce amazing color reproduction. Coming in glossy and matte styles, these tiles could be used for kitchen or bathroom murals, framed artwork, framed photos and many more.
  • 4″ MDF Coaster

    This series of 4" MDF coasters come in the shapes of square, circle and heart. Any sublimation photographs can be imprinted on the surface, which allows you to personalize them in your own way. They are unique coasters for home or public place.
  • 6″ x 6″ Ceramic and Glass Tiles

    It features the best in sublimation coating and reproduces vivid images or logos with a non-gloss finish. Typical uses include floor mosaics, wall murals, kitchen back splashes, or framed photo art. Our sublimation coating would produce vibrant, full color photograph and logo reproductions. Our glass tiles have a textured surface and are excellent for backlit frames whether it's just the one tile or a whole set as a wall mural.
  • Porcelain Coupe Plate without Stand

    These coupe plates don't have a rim. The sides rise gently from the center, forming their unique profile. They're great for awards and recognition, as well as showcasing fine art or family photograph. It is recommended that decoration be performed in a vacuum heat press because of the slight curvature of the plate's rim. Using a vacuum press allows for even pressure over the surface to ensure error-free photographic reproduction.
  • Cereal Bowl

    This ceramic cereal bowl is great for everyday eating or special-occasion entertaining.
  • Glass Cutting Board

    ● Available for any personalized sublimation images● Made of tempered glass● Bearing smooth or textured surface and quite durable● Of high clarity and easy to transfer● Coming in up to 12 shapes
  • Melamine Plate

    No one knows when the imitation porcelain tableware had become so popular on the market. Among all those imitation porcelain materials, melamine has become the mainstream material. With high smoothness and glossiness, melamine tableware is very light, durable and not easy to break.
  • Neoprene Can Cooler

    Believe it or not, this Neoprene Can Cooler will give your Summer a big difference! Want some cold drink?
  • Oval Metal Plate

    Beautifully wrought of stainless steel, this oval sublimation metal plate is a perfect way to present art works or photographs. Delicate classical design around the rim as an accent, the image featured would amazingly stand out. To personalize it, sublimation print the middle insert and then attach it back to the plate.
  • Oval Tile

    Our oval ceramic tiles come in different sizes (3", 4", 5" and 6") for your custom applications. Please note that these tiles fit for our jewelry boxes and wooden frames, and are great for small or large photo murals. 
  • Plastic Stand for Porcelain Coupe Plate

    These durable plastic stands are a match for our Porcelain Coupe Plates. They come in black and white, and two sizes for our 8" and 10" porcelain coupe plates.
  • Plate w/ Gold Trim

    Decorated with gold trim, these ceramic plates look very graceful and suitable for upper class. Finely coated with our ORCA coating, they can be personalized by sublimation printing. Vacuum heating machine is recommended for pressing these plates.
  • 8″ Rim Plate w/ Design

    Decorated with five kinds of floral patterns - Green Strawberry, Red Strawberry, Green Edge, DouHua and Lotus Leaf, these porcelain plates are quite dainty and feminine looking, and wonderful for both serving dishes and functioning as an art display. Coated with our ORCA coating, these plates can be personalized by sublimation printing. Just pick some favored images and show them with these pretty plates.
  • Round Metal Plate

    Perfect for home or office decoration, these round metal plates are made of plated stainless steel with metal insert. They come in four sizes (4", 6", 8" and 10") and different styles for different sizes. To personalize them, sublimation print the metal insert with any image you love, and then attach the insert back on the plate.
  • 4″ MDF Coaster w/ Rubber Back

    Made of quality MDF and natural rubber, these rubber coasters would tightly grab any surface and best protect the furniture. The different shapes enable them to deal with any occasions. Personalize them by sublimation printing any images of choice, and they would feature on any place.
  • Sandstone Car Coaster

    This item could be a nice gadget for car lovers! Made of absorbent material, these sandstone car coasters will protect your car from coffee stains or other spilt drink stains. More importantly, they are available for sublimation images just like all our other products! Print any images you like on them and let them also be a beautiful touch to your car.
  • Sublimation Ceramic Cook Jar

    Still don’t have some suitable jars for each kind of food? Still don’t know which jar has kept the cookies? Still worry about the food being affected with damp?