Take care your pets in this summer vacation with our pet products!

Summer vacation is not only enjoyable for human beings, but also an opportunity for people to hang out with their lovely pets. So let’s introduce some products that you might need to use when you take your pets for a walk!

These sublimation ceramic dog & cat bowls are heavy duty and ready for personalization! Print it with any image of choice, and let it be a unique bowl to serve your little cat or dog. However, don’t limit its usage to the family pet! Other uses include a sturdy candy dish, serving bowl or a place to toss your keys.

Ceramic Dog Bowl

Walk your dog freely with this retractable dog leash with one button brake lock safety system, which allows the dog leash to be adjusted to a comfortable length with ease, providing the dog with added freedom while under your control. Simply clip the clasp onto the dog collar and let the dog go. Push and pull the button on the handle to release and fix the strap, and push the button from the back to retract the strap, to adjust the length of the leash with ease. Put a photo of your dog onto the handle, which will make the leash a unique leash peculiar to your pet, and your pet a super star on the street.

Sublimation Automatic Pet Leash

Take this handy bottle wherever your pet goes with you, and have a great time on the road. Made of food grade stainless steel and featuring a BPA-free stylish fin cap, this pet travel water bottle is truly a wonderful gift to your pet. Specifically designed for dogs and cats, the fin-styled twist cap with a paw print is made to fit the pet’s natural drinking style so you can easily feed your pet with the cap on the go. The bottle is perfectly sized to fit cup holders in cars or bikes while the integrated ring on the cap makes it easy to clip on anything.

750 ml Pet Travel Water Bottle w/ Fin Cap




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