Inner & Handle Color Mugs

  • 11 oz. Two-Tone Mugs-Inner, Handle

    It is one of our featured products, we have selected out 12 different colors for you based on the last two-decade sales experiences and customers feedbacks. It has optional colors for rim and handle, the white body of mug is fully coated ORCA coating that supports optimal color effects.

    Our combo colored mugs are perfect when you need to match images and themes to the color of the mug. These vibrant mugs combine the two-tone and rim and handle styles and allow you to create some of the most colorful mugs available on the market. Available in Black, Blue, Maroon, Green, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Pink, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green, and Cambridge Blue. Available in cases of 36 pieces.

    Our ORCA coating ensures the best durability in wash machine and microwave. It is of high temperature resistance, and high rub resistance. All of our products are FDA certificated, harmless to the human body. Domestic and foreign customers are welcome to visit us, consult and order our products.