Pencil Caddies

  • 11 oz. Inner-Color Container

    This series of 11 oz. inner colored containers could be a pen holder or flower pot or any other stuff you want it to be! They're available for sublimation printing. Just pick some pretty images and adorn the container by printing the image on it. A very wide range of colors (12 colors) will be sure to meet any of your preferences.
  • 16 oz. Pencil Caddy

    Made of ceramic, this pencil caddy could be not only used as a collector for pens but also as a little flower pot for dried flowers. Just personalize it by sublimation printing any image of choice, and let it neatly organize your living space, adding some personal touch to it.
  • Wooden Pencil Holder with Photo Tile Inserts

    Crafted of quality hardwood, this maple-finished wooden pencil holder involves three 1-1/8" diameter holes to accommodate stationery supplies, such as pens, pencils, scissors, highlighters, rulers and many more! Each pencil holder comes with a natural maple finish and features a 4" x 4" sublimation ceramic tile insert on both front and back sides, which is available for quality sublimation printing. Personalize the pencil holder with full color photographs, company logos or your favorite fine art works.