• Square Glass Clock

    This square glass clock is popular for its simplicity and great for home or office.  You'll have a whole pannel to transfer any images you want, which also makes it a fantastic photo frame to show your personality. The simplicity and versatility of the glass clock would make it a unique accent to any space.
  • MDF Clock

    As people are pursuing for the beauty of simplicity, Photo USA provides an approach to simple life style. Hence, this MDF clock has been created out for you, and it could be an epitome of a simple life style. This popular clock bears the following features:● The quality MDF from Unisub being of high density, brightness and hardness● Precise edge cutting and subtle processing● Smooth surface providing a great platform for sublimation printing● Simple shape, not liable to deformation, non-toxic and no fading● Keeping accurate time with delicate hands● Great battery-saving ability● Two different sizes available