Machine Accessories

  • Cone-shape Mug Heater

    3 different size of Cone-shape mug heaters, all round mug including 1.5 oz. and 2.5 oz. shot glasses, 12 oz. and 17 oz. latte mugs. All these 3 cone-shape mug heaters are workable with ARC mug press.  And the 12 oz. and 17 oz. mug heaters can fit on BJ890 also.

  • Mug Heater 11oz-15oz for MHP

    10oz Mug heater, Fits for Mini Mug Press, Multifuntional Mug Press, Multifuntional Heating Press or BJ850. All round mug between 10oz and 6 oz coated mug are available.