New Products

  • Ceramic Enamel Mugs

    Appearing perfectly like traditional enamel mugs, this series of ceramic enamel mugs are just as attractive as they are. Made of new bone china and enamel coating, they would perfectly portray the classic enamel mugs, offering a different drinking experience from that provided by those classic enamel mugs.This series of ceramic enamel mugs vary in shape, size and color, including as large as 18 oz. mug and as small as 3 oz. one perfect for espresso coffee, and in color respect, including black, green and red rims, as well as colored wall and handles. A total of 10 styles will meet any personal preferences.
  • Canvas Tote Bags

    Made of 100 % polyester or 100 % cotton, this series of canvas tote bags are light weight and sturdy to carry. They vary not only in the material but also in the shape, color and size. The white version bags (polyester-made) features black handles, forming an ever classic and also stylish design of black and white, while the off-white version (cotton-made) breathes a natural vintage air. Each type of the bags come in the sizes of 13” x 13”, 16” x 16” or 18” x 18” to meet any preferences.
  • Beer Can Glass

    Crafted as per the shape of normal coke can and with a volume of 320 ml (close to 330 ml of an “old school” can), this beer can glass or rather, coke can-shaped glass is a throwback to 1950s. Because of the classic design of coke can and the smooth surface of the glass, this coke can-shaped glass will give you a perfect hand feel when you hold it.The coated surface is available for logos and wrap-around images. Print any image of choice on the glass to personalize it, and let it be a nice personal glass for beer or beverage, a unique gift or a special supply in the bar or restaurant.
  • 11 oz. Bone China Mugs

    Made of special porcelain bone china, these 11 oz. bone china mugs come lighter and stronger than other porcelain mugs. Of high level of whiteness and translucency, they would add a sophisticated touch to every dining experience.This series of mugs vary in the color of handle and rim, from gold to silver to white. As an accent to the mugs, the golden or silvery handle and trim make them breathe a chic and luxurious air. Personalize them by printing any photo or logo on them, or if you wish, just leave them be. They are excellent tableware for home, restaurants and hotels among others, especially in high-grade occasions.
  • Two-Tone Stackable Mugs – Inner Color

    This premium set of two-tone stackable mugs has been gaining a high popularity on the market. Able to stack up themselves for compact storage, these mugs come space saving and seem very neat. All of them are white outside, with the inner surface brightly hued - blue, green, yellow and orange are available for your option. The thinner bottle portion of the mug adds more dimensions to them.
  • Stainless Steel Bottle Openers

    Just like an ace to a gambler, the bottle opener is the very “ace” to a bear lover. Made of stainless steel, these three types of bottle openers are pretty stylish and open bottles easily. The bottle openers 07 (bauble-like) and 09 (mouth-characterized) bear ultra-strong magnets, which have them fixed on the refrigerator or any steel item very stably, offering a convenient and timely uncapping of a beer. The bottle opener 08, however, is rather compact and portable, without a magnet.
  • Espresso Coffee Mug Sets

    Start every morning on the right flavor with a cup of espresso serviced by one of these espresso coffee mug sets. Made of bone china, these two mug sets boast relatively thinner wall and stronger body, which makes them lighter than other porcelain-made mugs. Typically, with their high level of whiteness and translucency, they would add a sophisticated air to every dining experience. Press some images onto these coated mugs to personalize them. Single-tone images, it seems, would well help maintain their elegance and sophistication.
  • Fashion Jewelry Accessories

    Simple as they are, this series of vintage jewelries will definitely make a highlight of your makeup. As a permanent tone to convey elegance and refinedness, silver is a classic joker color to match with any garments and will dramatically elevate a person’s temperament and image. The sublimation insert featured will be the exact spot to show your personalities. Fashion is to present the greatest beauty with the simplest things or to present personalities with creativity.All these jewelries are Proposition 65-compliant.
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    11 oz. Theme Mug

    This series of theme mugs will definitely fit any special occasion!  Totally five themes: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Mother's Day, Love You and Thank You. These theme mugs feature preprinted specific theme images on the inner bottom and wall, as well as adorable patterns on the handle. You can also imprint a personalized image or message on the outer wall of the mug to make it a one-of-a-kind theme mug.
  • 12 oz Enamel Cup Heater

    As a strong addition to the whole set of Arc Multi-Function Mug Press, this mug heater is perfect for pressing 12 oz enamel cup, providing you with more possibility to press different mugs.
  • Foldable Fashion Tote Bag

    Strong enough like a workhorse, yet convenient enough to be folded into “a piece of bread”, these foldable fashion tote bags are long-lasting, water-resistant and washable. Print some pleasant floral patterns, lovely pet images, geometrical designs, or simply a monogram, if you please, to the tote to convert it into an amazing alternative to the plastic shopping bag, or a convenient chic tote bag for travel. Hand carry it or sling it over your shoulder – exactly as you wish.
  • Mason Jars

    Coming with a tin-plated steel canning lid bearing a straw opening, these Mason jars are great for beverages drinking. You could also turn them into an ideal container for kitchen recipes - such as jellies, jams, sauces, herbs, spices, tea, flour or sugar - or delicate embellishments – such as buttons, beads or the like. Above all, with some personalized sublimation images on it, it would even go beyond its innate functions to be a tasty embellishment or a pretty gift for anyone. These Mason jars come in clear or frosted glass to meet your personal preference.





  • 11 oz. White Ceramic Mug

    This 11 oz. white ceramic mug is one of the classic products of our company. The simple shape, safe coating and practical function are essentials of top selling. It is FDA certified and the most popular product among our American and European customers. It has a smooth rim, with fully coated ORCA coating body that supports optimal color effects. Our ORCA coating ensures the best durability in wash machine and microwave.
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    400 ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip Top Lid

    This 400 ml stainless steel water bottle with flip top lid is perfectly tailored for you to hold. The double-walled vacuum 304 stainless steel structure is excellent not only for heat preservation but also for anti-scalding function. Its food-grade PP bottle lid bears no odour, and is equipped with a silica-gel sealing ring, with the buckle-type switch preventing side leak. The 400 ml stainless steel water bottle is all in all safe, heat retaining and considerate.
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    16 oz. Stainless Steel Thermal Flask

    This top-seller thermal flask applies high quality 304 stainless steel and double-walled design, which can keep hot liquid warm for up to 6 hours, and cold liquid up to 8 hours. The unique double handles design earns it popularity.We add a leak-proof ring into the cap, and an arc-shaped free handle on the cap, making it easier to carry. Many similar products usually use an extra bottle case to carry the bottle, but we redesigned the bottle’s cap to replace the bottle case.
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    Rubber Lid Mug

    A 2018 brand new design is coming! This ceramic mug comes with a food-grade silicone lid on the top, which ensures a good insulated effect. Our mug designers even created an edge on the bottom of the mug, in order to fix the silicone ring protector. Now, you don't need to worry too much about the careless bumps of your mug any more. The colors of the silicone lid and ring are changeabale, so just take the one you like!
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    350 ml Bowling-Shaped Vacuum Bottle

    It is a wonder choice for people who love sports such as jogging, hiking and climbing. Every bottle has an odorless leak-proof screw cap. The streamline-shaped body is made of high quality stainless steel.This bowling-shaped vacuum mug is very popular on the market and great for hiking, biking or home use. It is available in either of two colors, and our marvelous ORCA coating produces fascinating sublimation effects.
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    11 oz. Color Changing Mug

    Also known as magic mugs, they can act as an indicator of water temperature. The mug’s body begins to change color when the temperature reaches 40 ℃, and the color will gradually fade away as the water is getting colder. This series of color changing mugs are available in black, blue, red, bright green, orange and magenta. This patented technology has created numerous new decoration options in the world of coffee mugs.
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    11 oz. Sparkling Mugs

    Unlike other mugs, these sublimation sparkling mugs will blend the colors of imprinted images with their sparkling material, which enables your imprinted images to look glittering.Our sparkling mugs are perfect for thematic promotions such as sporting events, anniversaries and educational awards. We offer 8 popular sparkling colors for your choice: Yellow, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Red ,Peach, Purplish Red, Gold, Silver.
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    11 oz. Theme Mug

    This series of theme mugs will definitely fit any special occasion!  Totally five themes: Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Mother's Day, Love You and Thank You. These theme mugs feature preprinted specific theme images on the inner bottom and wall, as well as adorable patterns on the handle. You can also imprint a personalized image or message on the outer wall of the mug to make it a one-of-a-kind theme mug.
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    12 oz. Sublimation Coated Fine Enamel Cup

    12 oz. Sublimation Coated Fine Enamel Cup. What truly distinguishes this photo mug is the enamel coat. Very fantastic idea to combine the sublimation skills and enamel cup together. The most fashionable color and the user-friendly principle comes from Photo USA!
  • 17 oz. Latte Mug – Color Changing

    Experience the magic of our 17 oz. color changing latte mugs!  At first glance, these mugs look just like your standard black mugs, but upon adding hot liquid, your imprinted images will come to life with perfect clarity.
  • 20 oz. Tube Stainless Steel Cup

    Characterized by perfect streamlines, this tumbler/tube is very easy to carry and wonderful for use in travelling. The color design is an embodiment of ever classic combination of black and white. It is available in 16 oz. or 20 oz., and bears the following features:● High quality 304 stainless steel● Perfect Orca coating for sublimation transfer● Bpa-Free lid● Dishwasher and microwave safe● Available for full-wrap image up to 7.7" x 9.1"● Excellent heat preservation performance: 6 hrs for hot liquid/10 hrs for cool liquid● Exclusive product only by Photo USA
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    23” Auto Open Straight Umbrella