10 oz. Sublimation Color Glass Mug (in Gradient Color)


  • Made of soda lime glass and coated with our well-known premium ORCA Coatings
  • Featuring a nice, charming ombré color and frosted surface
  • Elegant, joyful and very comfortable to hold
  • A lovely mug that adds warmth and pleasure to your morning coffee or late night chocolate, and also adds some color and joy to your fizzy pop or refreshing beer
  • Available to be personalized by sublimation printing your favorite photos or images
  • Allowing your image to blend with the ombré color finish to produce a distinct colorific and photic effect, making your image and the mug full of surprise
  • Beautiful glassware for everyday use and especially for special events like dinner party or holiday cookout
  • Perfect to add to your kitchen cabinet or present to your friends or family, especially your sweet little one, as a surprising personalized gift
  • Available in 7 colors for you to choose
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