Temperature and Dwell Times


A temperature of 370° F is recommended for all products. Use moderate to heavy pressure—it should require some effort to close your heat press. Time and temperature may vary depending on your heat press and the thickness of the blank material. Dwell times can be increased or reduced in 5-10 second increments until you find the time that results in the clearest image. The times shown below were formulated for sublimation inks from our experience. Please refer to the documentation from your ink supplier for more information on temperature and dwell time.


  • Plastic for outdoor use (license plates): 80 – 90 seconds.
  • Ceramic Plate: 40 seconds.
  • Glass mug: 10-15 seconds.
  • Ceramic white coated mug: 15-20 seconds.
  • Tile: 4minutes to 6minutes.
  • Colour changing mug: 15-20 seconds.
  • Aluminum board: 45 – 55 seconds.
  • Steel board. 45 – 55 seconds.

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