The Benefits of Product Customization and Personalization

Personalization is not only a huge digital marketing trend, but the future of business as a customized user experience, tailored to the individual. This will build a relationship with your customers and drive loyalty. By making your products even slightly more interesting or appealing, you can ensure that your customers will be more willing to buy them. The fact of the matter is that consumers today prefer personalization in general.

[Customer engagement] The customization and personalization of products can easily engage your customers. Adding a bit of personalization to products based on consumer preferences is bound to have a positive impact on them. The fact of the matter is that there’s an abundance of products floating around the market today. In other words, consumers have pretty much seen it all and they’re on the lookout for something unique.

[Boost e-Commerce sales] From simpler custom-printed T-shirts to more complex products that feature different colors, materials, dimensions, or even varying functionality, retailers can see a significant boost in sales by offering customization. If people know what to expect from the products they buy, they’re more likely to be happy with their purchase and confidently click “order now.” If shoppers are especially happy with a product they bought, they may also recommend the store using their resources. For example, satisfied customers may share their purchases on social media and encourage friends to buy from the same store, which essentially functions as free social media marketing.

[Brand awareness] Personalized and customized products can do wonders for your brand awareness. For example, The ORCA sublimation coating brand, owned by Photo USA Electronic Graphic Inc., is renowned for its ORCA-coated sublimation product line that provides high quality, consistent, and vibrant imprinted results. With this industry-leading coating, Photo USA has continued to be at the forefront of the sublimation industry with the most advanced and effective technology. Through these years, our brand has made us stand out in the crowd.

[Data analytic about customers] Offering product personalization through customization software can give your brand even more insight into your customers. Based on the different features that customers select in their favorite products, you can learn customers’ tastes and preferences. Using this information, you can make personalized product recommendations that are likely to appeal to them and keep them coming back.

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