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Gear up for Success with our Unbeatable Collection of School Essentials!

Notebooks 📓 Backpacks 🎒 Water Bottles 💧 Pencilcases ✏️ and More!

Make Your Mark This School Year with Personalized Essentials

As we embark on a new academic year, Photo USA is here to ensure you’re fully equipped with innovative and stylish essentials. From customizable drinkware to multifunctional writing tools and organizers, our latest collection is designed to enhance both your learning experience and campus style.

Customize Your Own

Start the school year right by personalizing your essentials. With our Orca Coatings sublimation and UV printing, create vibrant, long-lasting designs that keep you smiling all year long.


About us

Photo USA is the leading manufacturer of dye-sublimation ceramics and a full range of dye-sublimation image products. We develop and sell the products to be processed with dye-sublimation presses, the dye-sublimation presses to create high-quality ceramic images, and the full range of sublimation machines and raw materials for making high-quality ceramic products.

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