Together, we are orca strong!


What We Are Doing to Save the World!

 Photo USA has partnered with Save The Whales, an organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the oceans and its inhabitants. We are proud of our partner who did a tremendous job through these years, saved over 10,000 whales and marine animals and inspired over 340,000 students to protect the fragile ocean. As a top-rated non-profit organization, Save The Whales has been working tirelessly to protect marine life for more than 40 years. 

 Photo USA has developed a proprietary coating that preserves the photo image for years of use due to the powerful strength of the patented technology. The coating is called ORCA and represents the strength of the Orca whale. Besides supporting the non-profit organization, all of our products are reusable and durable which can help reduce a lot of daily disposable plastic pollution. 

 For example, if you buy a ceramic photo mug from us, which can be washed over 3000 times and used for more than 10 years, as an alternative to plastic or paper cups in your daily life, you are actually reducing plastic pollution and the possibility of a turtle getting a straw up its nose. 

Environment protection is a meaningful job worth doing lifelong. We hope more and more customers can join us to use reusable products and engage in volunteer projects.

Photo USA has entered into an agreement with Save the Whales of Seaside, California, an organization on whose mission is to preserve and protect the oceans and its inhabitants, particularly the Orca whale. 

Mr. James Peng, the CEO of Photo USA, has become concerned with the Orca whale that is now on the endangered species list and will be donating to Save The Whales & giving a certain percentage of sales to help save the Orcas. 

Mr. Peng stated, “When I created this special coating, which I named ORCA, it was because of the beauty and power of this amazing animal. As I witness the destruction of their habitat, I have decided to become a part of the solution by supporting Save the Whales, because together we are Orca Strong”

3500 cycles Dishwasher Proof

As a valued customer, you are hoped to know that when you use Photo USA’s “Orca” coated products, you are also helping improve our environment and helping save those endangered Orca Whales. As always, thank you more than ever for being a part of our Photo USA family.


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