Metallic Mugs

  • 750 ml Stainless Steel Sport Bottle w/ Screw Top

    It is a wonder choice for people who love sports such as jogging, hiking and climbing. Every bottle has an odorless leak-proof screw cap. The streamline body is made of high quality stainless steel.
    Stay green and help put an end to all the waste caused by plastic bottles. These stylish stainless steel water bottles are perfect for joggers, athletes, company promotions, educational fundraisers and daily use. Each bottle comes with a leak-proof screw top.
  • 750 ml Steel Flask

    Well coated with ORCA coating from Photo USA, this stainless steel thermos will give you a sense of grace and elegance. Silver is always optimal for any thermos.It is made in one-time forming technique that ensures a smooth inner wall. Double-walled stainless steel design is adopted for heat preservation. An extra bottle case is also a part of this product that makes it easy to carry. Enjoy your soup or drinks with this excellent steel flask.
  • 8 oz. Silver Stainless Steel Carabiner Mug

    The carabineer handle makes this stainless steel mug so unique!  We apply a carabiner as the mug’s handle to make it more functional and creative: the carabiner can avoid scalding and also provide you with a smarter way to hang up the mug. Outdoor enthusiasts can hang it up easily on the backpacks, tents, etc. Because of the essentially silver background of stainless steel, the imprinted image would not look like what it is on the white mugs - the colors on the stainless steel will look lighter and more transparent.
  • Mini Stainless Steel Mug

    Characterized by simplicity, this Mini Stainless Steel Mug is suitable for home or coffee bar. Simple as it is, this mug is quite practical and durable. Made of stainless steel, you'll never worry about broking it. If you have kids at home, then try these strong and safe personalised photo mugs!
  • 9 oz. Stainless Steel Coke Can

    You must agree that this is a considerably interesting invention. Made of stainless steel, this 9 oz. coke can is just the ticket for any coke can addicts or collectors as well as those creative drinkers. Use it to hold wine, spirits, beverage and water, or you just want it for the storage of seasonings. What about a home decoration or a personalized gift? Don't confine your imagination nor its functions!