Sublimation Enamel Holders

Other than enamel mugs, we also have a gorgeous group of enamel holders. Make of durable steel with finely coated enamel finish, these old-fashioned enamel holders include 2 enamel tool holders (with two ears) and 3 enamel canisters (with a cap) of different sizes.

The enamel canisters are perfect for storing coffee, tea and varied seasonings, such as sugar and sauces, while the more heavy-duty enamel tool holders are the best for holding all manner of kitchen tools as well as bar tools. Have your bar tools together in the enamel holder, or use it as an ice bucket to make your bartending both retro and stylish. Artistically, the enamel tool holder could also serve as a vintage vase to showcase your beautifully arranged flowers.

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