• Promotional Double-Walled Beer Glasses

    Crafted with Vycor glass, this double-walled beer glass is very light and comfortable to hold. The inner wall is creatively designed as an inverted bottle, which seems also like a sand clock. When you fill the glass with beer or beverage, there seems to be an inverted bottle of beer hanging above the table, and you'd drink from the bottom of the bottle - which is really an amazing drinking experience.
  • 400 ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Flip Top Lid

    This 400 ml stainless steel water bottle with flip top lid is perfectly tailored for you to hold. The double-walled vacuum 304 stainless steel structure is excellent not only for heat preservation but also for anti-scalding function. Its food-grade PP bottle lid bears no odour, and is equipped with a silica-gel sealing ring, with the buckle-type switch preventing side leak. The 400 ml stainless steel water bottle is all in all safe, heat retaining and considerate.
  • 400 ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid

    The outer shell of this 400 ml stainless steel water bottle is constructed at one time. The neck design effectively extends the heat preservation time while the double-walled vacuum body is excellent in heat preservation and anti-scalding function.This water bottle is characterized by its unique lid, which bears a PP inner lid, a silica-gel sealing ring and a stainless steel outer ring, with the stainless steel handle embedded into the outer ring, and a bamboo insert of its original color mounted on the top - the bamboo bears natural medicinal properties, such as antibacterial ability, degermation and bacteriostasis. In short, the seemingly simple lid possesses some edges: It is easy to carry; the handle does not fall off; and it is antibacterial and durable.
  • 400 ml Aluminum Sports Water Bottle

    We want to make it super light and easy to carry, and thus, the material used is aluminum. It has two caps, one screw cap and one snap cap with a sip opening, all made of odorless high polymer materials. It comes in white or silver with a piece of anti-slip mat.It is a perfect match for discriminating athletes, seasoned campers or company executives. Placing a full color image or logo on this bottle completes the package.