• Porcelain Coupe Plate without Stand

    These coupe plates don't have a rim. The sides rise gently from the center, forming their unique profile. They're great for awards and recognition, as well as showcasing fine art or family photograph. It is recommended that decoration be performed in a vacuum heat press because of the slight curvature of the plate's rim. Using a vacuum press allows for even pressure over the surface to ensure error-free photographic reproduction.
  • Melamine Plate

    No one knows when the imitation porcelain tableware had become so popular on the market. Among all those imitation porcelain materials, melamine has become the mainstream material. With high smoothness and glossiness, melamine tableware is very light, durable and not easy to break.
  • Plastic Stand for Porcelain Coupe Plate

    These durable plastic stands are a match for our Porcelain Coupe Plates. They come in black and white, and two sizes for our 8" and 10" porcelain coupe plates.
  • Plate w/ Gold Trim

    Decorated with gold trim, these ceramic plates look very graceful and suitable for upper class. Finely coated with our ORCA coating, they can be personalized by sublimation printing. Vacuum heating machine is recommended for pressing these plates.