At-Home Sublimation Projects to Help You Get Through Isolation

Our 2019 would never have believed that just a short year later we’d be living in a world in which face mask is worn on each face and we’re all confined to our homes, with a dearth of social activities to get out and do. 2020 is a tough year because of the coronavirus pandemic, but we could still stay optimistic and creative at our own homes while keeping ourselves healthy and safe.

As well as binge-watching soaps and TV shows or being occupied by waves of video calls, the free time at home also offers all of us a perfect opportunity to look for a creative pursuit or even establish an at-home business. So here I am to share my favorite choice with you.

Among a variety of crafts or pursuits that are suitable to do at home, I think sublimation printing is one of the best choices. You can personalize pretty much whatever you want for your home or customize objects to order for others in the comfort of your home – in an easy and timely manner.

Most importantly, heat transfer printing is such easy to start up with that even a kid can easily learn it. All you need is just a small sublimation machine – like a hobby heat press machine or a multifunction mug press – a sublimatable item and a little space in your home. There is no need for such techniques and skills, and the printing process would take only a couple of minutes whether you print a mug, a mouse pad, or some bigger objects like a tote bag or fashion shirt.

To create perfect sublimation works undoubtedly requires high-quality sublimation products. The blanks should be able to resist high temperatures up to 200 ℃ and are supposed to have a smooth surface. But above all, they should have been coated with sublimation coatings that can produce high-quality images with high resolutions and vibrant colors. In this regard, brand matters!

You might be confused in choosing the right brand, or just don’t have any idea what a great sublimation brand would be. But given that there are not many well-known sublimation coating brands on the market, it would not take much effort for you to find the right one. For example, the brand ORCA Coatings developed by Photo USA and the sublimation products we provide could really be your first choice of you.

So if you have not found a great way to use your free time at home to get through this special period, or just happens to be looking for a creative pursuit these days, we hope this would help you out and give you some inspiration. In the end, stay healthy, optimistic, and creative with us!

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