How to choose substrate for making Photo T shirt?

Hi everyone, this is Charles again! First of all I thank you very much on reading this tip since in the last few weeks some customers are asking me about how to choose the right material T-shirt to print? I can’t explain more on phone so I simply invited them to wait for this weekly tip 😉
We can’t get a very clear concept of sublimation T shirt, what kind of T shirt can be sublimated? What kind of T shirt can be applied on special transfer paper? Some people will say: Oh I know mine is 100% cotton! Another one is yelling: I want to make on 100% Polyester! …… Okay J Even we know when to use special sublimation paper, it is still hard to distinguish when to use the deep one or the light one. Now we will make some explanation as following:
1. Sublimation method (can be used on 100%fibre and 50%fibre T shirt)
Photo USA(Meikeda) provides the sublimation ink which can allow the image to be printed on the normal inkjet paper with inkjet printer, and then sublimated on the 100% fiber and 50%fiber T shirt.
1. The image can’t be sublimated on 100% cotton T shirt
2. The sublimated T shirt need to be white or light color (white T shirt is most preferred)

2. Transfer Paper method (can be used on 100% Cotton T-shirt)
Photo USA (Meikeda) provides Special transfer paper includes light/thin transfer paper (for light color T shirt, mainly white) and dark/thick transfer paper (for deep color T shirt, mainly black). To print the images on transfer paper with the normal inkjet printer and then transfer it on the 100% cotton T shirt.

In next week I will continue this topic and tell you how to print on 100% cotton T-shirt of different colors. Don’t miss it! See you guys!

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