How to avoid printing un-evenly on sublimation mugs?

Hello, I am Charles. I am glad to be here for our new Column “Weekly Tips”. It is such a great joy to have a platform to communicate with everybody on sublimation, my favorite.
I trust communication helps to grow, both relationship and knowledge. You will be so surprised to read these tips are focus on regular questions from our customers, though we are not able to answer all of them. But we do hope these tips can help everybody to solve problems. Being practical is our aim.

First Week Discussion: How to avoid printing un-evenly on sublimation mugs? How to enhance success rate during sublimating mugs?
Nearly every time we visit customers, they all raise these kinds of questions: Why my mugs look so un-even when I finish my printing in a right temperature and time? Un-even color printing destroys mugs, on the opposite, a fine-decorated mug is unputdownable to people. Printing well can of no doubt to raise the sales of your shops! How on earth do the problems come out? The answer is: most of the cases, by inadequate operation.

Reason 1: Inadequate Pressure
Some customers do a shoddy work on pressure because they take PRESSURE for casual. But truth tells us that pressure directly affects the final printing image. Insufficient pressure causes insufficient transfer of ink and un-even heating of the heater; over much pressure causes fragile mugs to break, as well as blurry image – which we called “burned”.
Best pressure: Feel a little bit strengthened to press, but still you can close the heater.

Reason 2: Improper position
The rim of the mug is the place to print un-evenly in most cases. We have received this kind of questions frequently. Usually adjusting pressure properly but paying no attention to the mug rim, which causes unsatisfied results. Therefore we remind you of lowing the rim than the rim of the heater, then you can get a fully transfer printing effect.
Best position: Put the mug in the middle of the heater, while put the mug rim 1cm lower than the heater rim.

Reason 3: Coating specification
There are many sellers of sublimation mugs/materials on the market to choose from. However, only few of them have certified coating production.   Shoddy coating includes problems such as pin hole, air hole, dirty dust, un-even coating.   But on the internet market they are full of trading website, which causes a series of problems after buyer’s purchase.
Photo USA applied fine stoneware and ceramics from the module of mugs. Mugs are coated in a hermetical environment of two factories. Every white mug has past certificate of following: FDA, SGS, CA65 and all the commercial inspection to export. We can also provide Health Certificate for different countries’ needs. Choosing a good supplier is a key element.

Reason 4: Press the mug against the heater wall.
This would be a good tip to use when heating: push the mug into the heater a little strenuously, making the mug being pressed against the heater wall completely. See the picture:

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