How to Make a Perfect Photo Plate?

Hello there, I am Charles! So glad to see all of you again after the big holiday! In the Lunar Chinese New Year, everybody will more or less know about PLATE.  Yes, Plate is what I am going to talk about. In Chinese, we may say how many “fruit plate” have you eaten? Or how many “Chicken of Xinjiang Big Plate” have you tasted? …… But what about a special plate which has your image?

Yes, the coated plate, also called the Photo Plate. It is fact that plates are the second best seller in sublimation industry, which is elegant and graceful. Such as the MEIKEDA 8” plate with double golden rings, it has been the best choice of gifts in mature Europe market.  By using our plates of different designs, you can print a wedding couple, or cute baby boy, or lovers in old age. We have several design and sizes for your choice. Let’s see some beautiful finished goods.

But there are always some problems exist during our process to make the photo plates, such as blurred image or center explosion of the plate. These have not been well solved by our customers and they have affected the general sales.   More and more they do not dare to buy in the plates in haste.   But plates are quite welcome once the problems get solved. In fact before we have talked about this kind of problem in our forum, but it is negligible anyway. Now we would love to summery this again and tell everybody on the website.

During the heating of the plate, please do pay attention to the following points.
1. Pre-Heat the Plate which are going to be sublimated
The best tool is an oven, which can make the plate warm evenly at around 50 ¡æ. This is because when sublimated, the center of the plate will achieve a very high degree. It will cause the center to explode in a short time. Evenly preheat will reduce this kind of problems.
2.How to pre-heat the plate without an oven?
If you do not have an oven, you can rotate the plate every 40 seconds when sublimating the plate.  This is another way to reduce the explosion rate, but not as well as the oven way.
3. Pay attention to the size of the printed image
Do not print a big size of the image when sublimate it. Usually the right size for big plate heater is less than 15.5cm in diameter, and small plate heater less than 10.5cm. It is best to choose round shape.   Do not try to sublimate the ring unless you have proper equipment.
4.Proper pressure
Proper pressure is also an important element. Please adjust the right pressure before the sublimation, but do not adjust it during the sublimation. Do not make it too tide.
5. Rotate the plates twice every 20 seconds! (Very Important)
Please make the initial temperature 280F, highest temperature 300F, and then the time in 20 seconds.  Please rotate the plate two to three times every 20 seconds. This is very important since it is useful to prevent it from breaking.
6.Confirm then rip off the paper
When you finished the plate sublimation, do not hurry to rip off the paper. You should try to see the edge of the printed image by lifting an angle of it. If the image has not been well transferred then you can try another 20 seconds. If the image transfer is well done then you can rip off the paper.
Plates are easy to explode during sublimation due to its structure as well as the limitation of nowadays plate heat machine. But if you can follow the above methods, you can greatly enhance your success rate on the plates and saved your cost!
Have a successful try!
See you next week.

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